Restart Best Practices

Airlines using EveryMundo Restart & Reacquire Tactics 

As the travel industry begins to restart and consumer confidence in air travel returns, airline marketing and communications will be more important than ever. In the Restart phase, airlines will need to focus efforts on regaining loyalty, easing customer concerns about safety, and marketing their best fares to be competitive. 

EveryMundo published a series of Restart & Reacquire Playbooks with tactics to help airlines recover more effectively. We’ve gathered examples of airlines successfully executing these tactics as Restart Best Practices.

Airlines successfully executing EveryMundo Restart & Re-Acquire Tactics:

Promote Reopened Routes

Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Spirit, American Airlines and Kenya Airways

Fare sales to reconnect with friends & family

American Airlines and Frontier

Promote Domestic Routes

Kenya Airways

Promote leisure & outdoor travel

United, American Airlines, LATAM, and Air Canada

Incentive bookings for future travel

Thai Airways and United

Share info with Custom Assets & Pages

Cathay Pacific, LATAM, KLM, Air Canada, Aeromexico, Japan Airlines, Volaris

EveryMundo Products that power the Restart Phase:

airTRFX helps communicate new routes by launching landing pages per route, and improves conversions by displaying the real-time lowest available fare for every route. Airlines can create pricing widgets with new routes for custom pages related to COVID key messages to streamline communications with customers. 

airSEM provides granularity of routes on a campaign level, enabling airlines to push specific routes as deals and offers as they are filed by Revenue Management.

Airlines can use airSEM to manage communications in ad extensions to promote new routes and the lowest available fare, all updated in real-time.

airModules shorten the path of purchase by increasing Flight Search Initiation (FSI). Website visitors use airModules to filter flights by Origin, Destination, Dates, Budget, Cabin Class to find the best flight for their trip.

airModules display real-time fares in dynamic real-time currency, rewards miles, or static promotional fares.

With FareWire airlines can display targeted real-time fare feed anywhere online, including social media, email, and display ads.

FareWire enables airlines to manage audiences and database to communicate new routes in email and display, and ensure that the lowest available fare is displayed consistently.

EveryMundo Restart & Reacquire Playbooks:

Understand Demand

Understand search demand for all routes to determine which routes are best to reopen, and when. 

In this Playbook:

Utilize User Search Data

Forecast market demand from SEM

Promote Deals & Offers

Compete to acquire and reacquire customers with real-time, targeted fare promotions.

In this Playbook:

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Promote Future Travel Today

Sell Reopened Routes

Determine strategic routes to reopen, then acquire passengers with scalable marketing strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize SEM for Strategic Routes

Communicate Route Availability

Inform your Customers

Best practices to inform customers on and off your website.

In this Playbook:

Effectively communicate policies, restrictions and key info on and off your website at scale.

Reacquire Loyal Customers

Acquire new customers and reacquire loyal customers by advertising loyalty benefits.

In this Playbook:

Promote loyalty benefits

Display real-time miles fares

Focus SEO Efforts

Drive qualified traffic to your website with airline-specific SEO strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize organic search position

Maintain high SEO performance

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