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Since launching airSEM we have seen at 216% increase in Revenue, 36% decrease in Cost of Sale, and 56% increase in ROI.”

Yiselle Cabezas

Marketing Manager, Copa Airlines

“We increased 30% ranking keywords in the USA market, something we weren’t able to do in 10 years of The result was 30% better in the USA market and 10% better in the Mexico market so it was a great thing to do. So if you can do it, just do it.”

Brenda Soto

Digital Media Manager, Aeromexico

“We see EveryMundo as an extension of our internal team. This partnership makes us more innovative, pushes us to be risk takers, to adopt different tactics. The EveryMundo team has the capacity of being much more agile, so we need to embed that spirit within our business and our day-to-day work to really go further.”

Sara Walter de Freitas

Director of eCommerce & Digital, TAP Air Portugal

The advantage of using EveryMundo airTRFX is that we can have real-time fares updated on our website displaying the best offer for each destination. The structure that airTRFX provides makes it easy to follow SEO best practices which helps us rank better in organic search. Our airTRFX pages are now outranking some OTAs and our competitors for our destinations. 

Gustavo Zorzi

Sr. Product and Marketing Manager, Pacific Coastal

“airTRFX is our SEO benchmark for our airline’s fare marketing where we can easily test new features and scale fast.”

Bruno Vilan

SEO Manager, TAP Air Portugal

“I’m not sure we knew how incredible it would be. Our average transaction value is up, we have new passengers that otherwise may not have selected Air Canada, and we’re seeing longer booking windows.”

Karen Brzozowicz

Manager of Payment Products, Air Canada

“airTRFX enables us to be extremely nimble in the type of pages we can create. For example, during COVID our network planning team noticed there’s a lot of traffic going to national parks. We were able to have (National Park) pages ready, have content ready, and then have that available for customers to actually land on in a matter of minutes.”

Sadia Khan

Dir. of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation, United

We have tiny budgets and tiny teams and we’re growing very very quickly, so the ability for us to scale our marketing activity across many different markets was hard for us. EveryMundo was this plug-and-play solution for us that made so much sense, especially given the growth that we’re undertaking. It’s just created so much efficiency for us and has been truly like an extension of our marketing team.

Angela Vargo

VP of Marketing, Breeze

The key strengths of airTRFX and airModules lie in the speed to market and the ability to support multiple languages. Using airTRFX has proven to substantially improve the ROI of our paid advertising and having airModules on the core site also allows dynamic fares to be broadcasted without any development resources.”

Akira Mitsumasu

VP of Global Marketing, Japan Airlines

airTRFX allows us to create pages for targeted promotions and explore incremental traffic keywords. We can quickly deploy pages that match all the queries that are relevant in our market.

Ana Isabel Chavez

Head of Performance Marketing, Ya Vas

After launching airTRFX we immediately received better marketing performance such as lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate. Furthermore, we use airTRFX not only for marketing campaigns, but also other activities like news, travel advisory, and press releases.

Thanh Hai

Digital Sales & Marketing Executive, Vietnam Airlines

“In the first year with EveryMundo we increased Volaris’ organic footprint by +400% on Google.”

Claudia Martinez

Performance Marketing Manager, Volaris

“I absolutely love working with EveryMundo. I’ve been on a journey with them since I joined Virgin Atlantic three years ago and the support that they give is incredible. If you’ve got any questions, issues, they’re on it immediately, there’s always someone there for us.”

Jemma Etheridge

Performance Content Manager, Virgin Atlantic

“My advice to another startup airline would be to buy the EveryMundo products and collaborate with the EveryMundo team. Our Customer Success Manager has been a great help and has had an impact on how we structure our site, our Custom Pages, and is guiding us all the time. It’s a true partnership that you can’t put a price on. It’s been amazing.”

Elsa Bjarnadottir

Product Owner IBE & Web, Play

“We rely on EveryMundo for the personalization that it offers. With EveryMundo we can offer a dynamic fare in one of our channels that customers can click on and convert with right away. They don’t have to go hunting for the fare, we lead them right to the fare that they’ve seen in the ad, which is critical to build trust with the customer.”

Tyri Squyres

VP of Marketing, Frontier

“Having the expertise and guidance from the SEM group with a robust group of products has revolutionized the way that we approach digital marketing.”

Trish Lorino

VP of Marketing & PR, Cape Air

“EveryMundo is definitely helping us to shape the right audiences with new products and new ideas to stay up to date in the evolving digital landscape in terms of technology and robust reports so that we can make the most effective data-driven decisions.”

Dimosthenis Pettas

Head of eCommerce, Aegean

“When we first started this process, we wanted to know whether dynamic pricing improves engagement rate, conversion rate, any of those things, more than a static price? The answer was absolutely yes. When we use the dynamic pricing in emails we saw a 90% lift in conversion and a 40% lift in click through rate.”

Josh Rashkin

Email Marketing Manager, Frontier

“We wanted to make the shopping experience easy, we wanted to make it feel safe and comfortable to travel, and we wanted to give them the tools to do all of that in the most seamless way possible. With EveryMundo, customers can browse through our network and see results tailored to their travel preferences and they can book it right there in just a few clicks.”

Catherine Essa

Head of Digital Content, eCommerce & Loyalty, Air Canada

“EveryMundo enables our guests to more easily access our online room rates across a wide range of channels. This also provides an opportunity to further encourage guests to book directly, allowing us to build more robust and beneficial relationships with our guests before and after their stay with us.”

Johnathan Liu

Regional Vice President of Digital, Hyatt

“Dynamic fares helped us improve the accuracy of ad messages and landing page price, leading to better results. Through Google Dynamic Remarketing we were able to track the full customer journey and that led us to better audiences.”

Linda Galaziou

Head of Digital Performance, Aegean

“We doubled the amount of keywords we’re ranking for. airTRFX is pushing us to create pages that are useful for the user to get noticed by search engines. I believe that airTRFX is good not for only SEO, but to qualify our leads to the booking flow.”

Gabriel Tome

Senior Digital Channels Analyst, Azul