About EveryMundo

Our Values

At EveryMundo believe strongly that our culture and values enable us to perform at the highest level for our customers. Our company values are a reflection of our actions as members of a team working towards a common goal. Below, we highlight each of our seven values along with actions that demonstrate each one in practice.

  • We maintain empathy when interacting with other Mundos and trust that our teammates are working hard and toward a common goal.
  • We step up when times are tough and when we are needed to help solve an issue; we rally around opportunities for success.
  • We devote time and attention to the opinions and thoughts of others.
  • We regard the Company as one team and consider ways we can support other departments.
  • When we communicate, we work to ensure that the recipient fully understands the substance and intention of the information.
  • We consider active listening a crucial activity and seek to understand each other before reacting.
  • We take the time necessary to communicate constructively and never forget the importance of kindness.
  • We look for opportunities to exchange ideas and strive to ensure that other Mundos are heard.
  • We make informed decisions using data and incorporate the views of our teammates.
  • We find the strengths in each Mundo, support their strengths, and encourage their growth.
  • We are accountable for the results of our efforts and decisions no matter the outcome.
  • We encourage all Mundos to experiment with new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • We patiently teach others what we know and seek out others to teach us new things.
  • We look for opportunities to continuously improve our knowledge and skills.
  • We take risks, realize that failure is a crucial part of learning, and apply what we learn from failures.
  • We propose ways to improve how we do things based on new knowledge and experience.
  • We are a company that is never perfect and always evolving; we embrace this as a part of our growth
  • We embrace new strategies or methods even if they challenge preconceived notions about our work
  • We are open-minded and maintain flexibility to adapt to changing priorities
  • We understand that decisions are not set in stone; we trust the process and those who make decisions
  • We are proud of our work and do the little things right (document, test, review)
  • We recognize the need to sometimes rise above or step down below our roles to accomplish something important.
  • We embrace challenges and know there is always a path forward.
  • We plan our work and focus on the impact of our contributions.
  • We consider and embrace different ideas, thoughts, and opinions.
  • We recognize that diversity leads to greater innovation.
  • We recognize that sometimes our personal preferences or attitudes might not be universally understood.
  • We are sensitive and respectful of every Mundo’s culture, norms, and traditions.

Mundos are experts in their respective fields and are regular speakers at some of the world’s premier conferences like SMX AdvancedSpark Summit, and the World Aviation Festival.

Organizations we support


FWD.us is a bipartisan political organization that believes America’s families, communities, and economy thrive when more individuals are able to achieve their full potential. For too long, our broken immigration and criminal justice systems have locked too many people out from the American dream.

United Way of Miami-Dade

United Way of Miami Date works to build a stronger Miami by focusing on education, financial stability and health. Through research and planning, community engagement, investments in programs and initiatives, public policy advocacy and public awareness activities, we are creating real and measurable changes in education, financial stability and health.

Children's Bereavement Center

The Children’s Bereavement Center provides free Peer Support Groups for children, young adults, and adult caregivers after the death of a loved one.  Groups are open to anyone who has lost a parent, sibling, grandparent, relative, or friend as a result of illness, accident, suicide, or homicide.  Losses can be recent or in years past.

Miami Waterkeeper

Miami Waterkeeper’s (MWK) mission is to defend, protect, and preserve South Florida’s watershed through citizen engagement and community action rooted in sound science and research. Their efforts support a vibrant and resilient South Florida coastal community and environment for future generations.

Lotus House

Lotus House is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children. We provide sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to improve the quality of their lives on every level, achieve greater self sufficiency, and build safe, secure lives.

Transition Inc.

Transition, Inc. provides job training and placement services to ex-offenders. Founded in 1974, this Miami-based non-profit has assisted thousands of “returning citizens” to overcome the single biggest obstacle to their successful re-entry back to their community – finding and maintaining a job.