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The EveryMundo Platform is home to our Products and powers the data that they use, providing real-time fares, flight and route information, airline and airport data, as well as deeplinks, across products, pages, and digital marketing channels.

The EveryMundo Platform allows our Partners to build with us, and as the EveryMundo Platform grows, our products grow with it. Developers can use the EveryMundo Platform to develop their own airModules or other products using EveryMundo technology.  

EveryMundo products include airTRFX, airModulesairSEM, and FareWire.

airTRFX landing pages with real-time fares

airTRFX automatically generates high performance landing pages for every route, origin, and destination in your network – all with real-time fares and in all languages and currencies supported. Launch, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns easily with airTRFX.  

airModules flight search displays with real-time fares

The airModules library offers a variety of flight search displays: maps, histograms, mosaics, carousels, maps and more. airModules can be placed anywhere and enable customers to directly enter the booking engine. 

airSEM airline-specific Search Engine Marketing tools

Airline-specific digital campaign management and performance improvement tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns with real-time fares in ad copy. Easily build promotions and optimize bidding strategies with airSEM.

FareWire deploys real-time fare feeds anywhere

Display dynamic fares and content on the pages of your choice. FareWire delivers the information when and where you need it. Powered by user-search data without additional calls to the GDS / Res System.

Where do the fares in the EveryMundo Platform come from?

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