Portfolio of Airline Search Engine Marketing Technology

Launch, scale, promote and optimize digital marketing campaigns to drive direct channel growth. 

A portfolio of airline-specific SEM tools.

airSEM is a suite of data-driven Fare Marketing tools that empower airlines to increase their online penetration and grow their direct channel. 

With these tools, airlines are able to launch hundreds of online search engine marketing campaigns that include real-time fares for every route in more than 30 languages.


Automatic targeted SEM campaigns tailored for every route and language in your network.


Easily build, save, and schedule an unlimited number of promotions on a variety of digital channels.


Prices in real-time for Search and Dynamic Remarketing ad copy matching landing pages.


AI powered, efficiency-improving bidding strategies for paid search advertisements.

Integrated SEM campaigns to enhance your Fare Marketing.

Build, launch, and manage campaigns and promotions with real-time fares in ad copy, optimize bidding strategies, and evaluate campaign effectiveness with advanced data analytics.

real-time fares

Cost Management

Set up and manage promotions

fast and scalable

Optimized bidding

Performance Analysis

Search Engines Supported

Want to get real-time fares in your ads?

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