Fare Visualization and eCommerce Modules

Conversion-oriented flight search tools with real-time fares that can be deployed on any web page.

airModules are interactive and engaging fare & flight search displays. They come in various forms, shapes, and sizes, and have different functionalities that are leveraged to meet various goals. Some popular designs include: Histograms, Calendars, Lists, Mosaics, Maps, Carousels, Grids, and more.

The airModules library offers solutions for users in different stages of the conversion funnel and for traffic generated through all digital channels – search engines, social networks, display ads, email and affiliates.

Custom Fare airModules

Custom Fare airModules display real-time fares for routes selected by the airline. On an airTRFX From-City Template Page these may be all routes from Los Angeles, or only fares less than $150 from Los Angeles. On a Custom Page promoting beaches, a Custom Fare airModule may display the lowest fares to several tropical destinations.

Custom Fare airModules can display fares in dollar values, Rewards Miles, Vacation Packages and ancillaries like rental cars.

All airModules are device responsive to ensure the best user experience for your website visitors from desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Examples of Custom Fare airModules (click to enlarge):

airModule with link to rewards miles

Promo airModules

Promo airModules offer flexibility and scalability for route-specific tactical strategies and can be used in Custom Pages and airTRFX Template Pages to share special fares or key information.

In some cases, airlines might need to align their marketing efforts with custom content and non-standard fares dictated by Revenue Management.

Promo airModules differ from Custom Fare airModules because they do not display real-time fares. Instead, the Promo airModule is created using a customized promotional route content XLS / CSV file. Airlines can use up to 4 columns of content for each added route: fares, dates, text, etc.

Examples of Promo airModules (click to enlarge):

Route Status airModule

The Route Status airModule can be placed on any airTRFX page to update travelers on route availability. The Route Status airModule broadcasts all route availability for your network, and lists routes as either active, suspended, or inactive with the ability to include dates when the routes will reopen.

Due to COVID-19, some routes may be suspended or have reduced service. Airlines can use the Route Status airModule to provide route status updates to all web visitors and allow direct bookings for all available routes.

Watch: How to build a Route Status airModule >

More than just real-time fares:

Rewards Miles, Vacation Packages, Payment Plans and more

Payment Plans

Add affordable payment plans to fares in airModules:

Ancillary Integrations

Display ancillary offers, like rental cars, in airModules:

Device Responsive Design

All EveryMundo airModules are device responsive, ensuring the best user experience for your website visitors from desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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