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Fare Visualization and Flight Search Anywhere

Boost revenue-generating potential of any page within – or outside of – your website.

airModulesTM deliver dynamic, conversion-oriented fare finding and flight search tools deployed on any web page with no IT involvement.

Fill the Funnel

Transform any page into a flight booking page by adding a booking mask, flight offer list, or another of EveryMundo’s eye-catching booking modules – populated with real-time fare data.

Purposeful Engagement

airModules™ are interactive and engaging, serving the key goals of enticing users to browse flight offers, select inventory, and enter the booking process.

Why co-brand when you can co-sell?

Deploy airModules™ on partner websites and deliver pre-qualified traffic direct to your own booking engine.

airModules™ Features

Deploy Anywhere

Add conversion-oriented eCommerce tools to any web property

Leverage Brand Power

Leverage strong web presence to transform any page into a conversion-oriented experience

Rapid Deployment

Implemented in under 2 months

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