The EveryMundo pixel that captures real-time fares

FareNet collects User Search Data from internet booking engines (IBE) in real-time. As users search for flight fares, FareNet captures the search results.

This gives our solutions the power to continuously update fares and trip information without any additional calls to the Res system or GDS so that fares are constantly updated without additional fees.

FareNet is USDOT compliant, meets WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines, and provides the highest fare accuracy available.

Variables Collected

  • Origin and Destination Airport Code
  • Departure Date and Return Date
  • Departure Time and Arrival Time
  • Departure Fare and Return Fare
  • Search Date
  • Fare Class
  • Currency

FareNet does not:

  • Add stress to servers (no extra GDS calls)
  • Affect page load time
  • Store user personal infomation
  • Currency conversions
  • Show non-public fares

The FareNet pixel is a single line of code (Javascript) implemented in the Flight Search Results Page by placing a Custom HTML Tag in the airline’s Tag Manager Container.

The pixel only activates when a user arrives to the Flight Search Results Page after initiating a flight search, providing the most recent data.

Note: FareNet only collects the flight and fare information in each user initiated search. FareNet does not collect any personal information at any time, it passively collects and recycles the fare and flight content that any user is already looking at. The pixel fires after the page load and does not cause any additional calls to your GDS.


Independent of the client’s tracking set-up


Requests are encrypted and personal information is not collected


We collect data from the first touchpoint to final transaction


All user interactions are tracked, i.e. clicks on buttons and filters

Revenue Driven

We collect revenue in different currencies and attribute it to user product usage

Cross Channel

Drive traffic from all digital channels to highly-relevant conversion-oriented landing pages

FareNet Dashboards Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

Airlines that have implemented FareNet have access to the FareNet Dashboards via airTRFX Control:

FareNet Dashboards:

FareNet Powers EveryMundo Fare Marketing Products

FareNet collects User Search Data from the IBE and then supplies real-time fare data to EveryMundo Fare Marketing Products: airTRFX, airModules, airSEM, FareWire.

FareWire powers real-time fare feeds anywhere

Deploy dynamic fares across the web with FareWire

Display dynamic fares and content on the pages of your choice. FareWire delivers the information when and where you need it. Powered by FareNet user-search data without additional calls to the GDS / Res System. 

airTRFX landing pages with real-time fares

Create a Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX

airTRFX automatically generates high performance landing pages for every route, origin, and destination in your network – all with real-time fares and in all languages and currencies supported. Launch, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns easily with airTRFX. 

airSEM airline Search Engine Marketing

Launch & scale marketing campaigns with airSEM

Airline-specific digital campaign management and performance improvement tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns with real-time fares in ad copy. Easily build promotions and optimize bidding strategies with airSEM.

airModules interactive fare and flight displays

Increase conversion rates with airModules

The airModules library offers a variety of flight search displays: maps, histograms, mosaics, carousels, maps and more. airModules can be placed anywhere and enable customers to directly enter the booking engine. 

Want to get real-time fares on any webpage?

We’ll show you how.