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Fare Marketing is the most effective way for airlines to achieve their direct sales, customer acquisition, and merchandising goals because fares have the greatest impact on leisure travelers when shopping for a flight. However, Fare Marketing is a major technical and financial challenge for airlines to execute.

The EveryMundo Fare Marketing platform empowers airlines to target and convert travelers by broadcasting the lowest real-time fares for flights they are searching for, and transform any page into a flight booking page to drive qualified traffic into their booking engine.

With EveryMundo products, airlines can vastly enhance their digital presence, improve direct channel performance, access more data, and innovate faster and more effectively. All with minimal IT dependency.

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Our Products

Create a Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX®

Our airTRFX Fare Marketing system enables an airline to rapidly launch dedicated webpages for every destination and route, in all languages, markets, and devices. These pages include real-time fares and flight info, engaging content, and campaign automation capabilities.

Increase conversion rates with airModules®

Boost the revenue-generating potential of any page within – or outside of – your website when you integrate real-time fare visualization and flight search with airModules. Our catalogue includes lists, carousels, mosaics, histograms, maps, calendars, and many other visualizations.

Launch & scale marketing campaigns with airSEM®

Airline-specific digital campaign management and performance improvement tools to build, launch, and manage ad campaigns and promotions with real-time fares in ad copy and optimize bidding strategies. Easily target the right customers across the web with real-time fares for the flights they are searching for.

Deploy real-time fares across the web with FareWire®

A fully-hosted collection of APIs that allow airline marketers to easily deploy real-time fare and flight information on their website and their digital marketing channels. Powered by user-search data without additional calls to the GDS or your Res System. 

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Answers to your questions

What is Fare Marketing?

Fare Marketing is exactly what it sounds like – marketing fares. Travelers are shopping online for the best fares for their next trip and airlines and other travel companies market their lowest fares to attract traveler business.

Why do I need a Fare Marketing System?

Fares are the best direct marketing message, considering that the cost of travel has the greatest influence on leisure travelers when deciding where to fly.

In today’s digital world, airlines must execute best-in-class Fare Marketing strategies if they intend to compete with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Meta Search Engines (MSEs) for business and customer loyalty.

Are you a CMS?

Not really. We are a Fare Marketing Platform because the specific content we are very good at managing is real-time fares. We also help you manage content like landing pages, flight search modules, and your digital marketing campaigns. But real-time fares are what power our system and set us apart from any CMS out there.

Can’t I just build this myself?

Today’s customers expect their online experiences to be easy, seamless, and fast. From their initial search to their final purchase, they demand a best-in-class user experience from brands. 

To create a Fare Marketing infrastructure from scratch that gives users the experience they expect, airlines must involve a variety of stakeholders, multiple vendors, and may need to go through RFP processes. Time consuming projects like CMS customization, fare feed development, front-end design, engineering requirements, performance optimization, security, regulatory compliance, and SEO compatibility can take several years to complete. Once completed and launched, the system will require ongoing resources to maintain and will need to be updated continuously in order to remain relevant. 

Airlines can choose to do this if they want, but why would you want to build something that’s already built?

Am I stuck with this solution after I buy it?

Nope. Edits are easy to make, airModules can be swapped out, and you can cancel at any time. You are not locked into any design or product forever.

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