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Increase Direct Sales with Vacation Packages

airTRFX offers airline customers a branded user experience at different stages of the purchase funnel and customizable pages for campaigns and promotions. Whether travelers are just starting out in the exploration phase, if they know their destination, but not when they want to go, or if they have determined their destination, dates and flights – they are directed to relevant pages for them. 

Promote Loyalty Programs with Miles airModules

Airlines use EveryMundo airModules to display their real-time fares in either dollar values or rewards miles. By displaying content relevant to rewards programs, airlines can make booking rewards travel easy for members, as well as maximize the exposure for their...

airTRFX 19.10.2

Release Date: September 23, 2019 | Feature Updates | Click for More Info

airTRFX 19.10.1

Release Date: September 23, 2019 | Feature Updates | Click for More Info

Emerging Trends: Continuous Pricing will Require Fare Marketing

With EveryMundo fare marketing technology airlines and big pricing vendors (ATPCO, Farelogix, Global Distribution Systems, etc.)  are able to focus their efforts on building their continuous pricing frameworks with assurance that the marketing and merchandising component already exists to power their goal of optimized pricing.

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