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Airlines and the Paradox of Google

With their travel revenue expected to reach $12.2 billion in sales – compared to online travel agencies such as Expedia: $9.2 billion and The Priceline Group: $9.2 billion – it’s no secret that Google has become a significant and influential force in the digital travel space. Just look at Google’s Trips app launched September 2016; […]

Building a functional web application in 24 hours

An EveryMundo developer participated with the Cuemby team in the NBCUniversal Hackathon on October 22nd – October 23rd, at Miami Dade College Idea Center here in Miami.  The die-hard developers finished in first-place in the fast video challenge. The goal of the challenge was to “build a proprietary ‘fast video’ tool [web application] that would […]

3 Steps of the Digital Passenger Experience for Airlines

As 2016 winds down, the airline industry finds itself fully engaged in a new wave of investment in digital – as opposed to physical – infrastructure. For decades, the world’s top carriers’ marketing budgets were focused on consumer-facing brand awareness and customer recognition.  Traditionally, surplus airline funds have been used to add physical capacity which then became expendable as budgets tightened. […]

Redefining Passenger Experience for Airlines

Traditionally, the “passenger experience” (or “pax”) has been defined by the physical interactions between airlines and their passengers – from airport check-in through baggage claim.  However, that definition is no longer enough to truly capture the full experience. Today’s digital world demands that airlines consider the beginning of the pax as the customer’s direct online interactions […]

Digital Power: A Journey To Direct Channel Growth

How can airlines improve their direct-channel performance? The short answer is by maximizing their digital power by delivering a fully optimized e-commerce experience to travelers. This news should not come as a surprise to airlines, who have become aware of the importance of a best practice e-commerce strategy for their companies.

Video: EveryMundo CEO on Why Airlines’ Mobile Mentality ‘Needs to Change Now’

When it comes to mobile optimization, airlines are lagging behind…and unfortunately, the mobile gap is much bigger than most industry executives realize. As EveryMundo Co-Founder & CEO Anton Diego explains, airlines are making some misinformed assumptions about their relationships with mobile-savvy travelers – and are losing valuable market share as a result. In the five-minute […]

How to AMP the Mobile Travel Experience

Around half of online shoppers in the US drop out of the purchase funnel due to a slow site load time. This statistic is even worse for European markets, where the abandonment (or bounce) rate increases to almost 70% of shoppers. So, simply having a web presence is not enough: you need to be fast, dynamic, and […]

What Does ‘Digital Power’ Mean for Airlines? (Quick Video)

For decades, many airlines could rely on the strength of their brand power – their iconic brand names and respected, trusted standing with consumers – to win them the bookings and long-term loyalty of travelers. But unfortunately for airlines, brand power is no longer ‘powerful’ enough to keep competing forces away from their most valued […]

How to Use Bayesian Inference In A/B Testing

This blog post is a recap of the presentation “Lies, Damned Lies, and Search Marketing Statistics” given by Vistaprint SEO Manager (North America, Australia, New Zealand) Adria Kyne at the SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, June 2016. During this presentation, Adria touches on the use of Bayesian methods to infer the results of an A/B […]

3 Reasons for Airlines to Leverage Mobile Innovation

Mobile Focus If there’s one aspect of airlines’ direct customer acquisition efforts where there is opportunity to seize sizable market share, it is mobile customer bookings through the direct channel.  Mobile conversion rates on carriers’ branded websites and apps are averaging only one-fifth of their desktop conversion rates. With smartphone and tablet use estimated to […]