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Thoughts on Loyalty and Ancillaries in Aviation

Loyalty marketing and ancillaries were hot topics at the 4th annual Mega Event Asia Pacific in Singapore, which brought together aviation experts and professionals to deep-dive into these trends, strategies and disruptors.  AI did a great job putting on an event with excellent speakers and content, and I was grateful to attend and network with other […]

How Airlines Can Change The Flight Search Paradigm

Why the old assumptions about airline flight search can harm sales Learn how user search data shifts the paradigm User search data = a better customer experience Why Is it Important to Shift the Flight Search Paradigm? Unfortunately, today’s airline customers are more dynamic than the airline industry gives them credit for. It used to be […]

Literally Literals and Other Number Oddities In Python

This post requires an intermediate knowledge of Python and some experience with C (or at least being able to read some C),  and the willingness to deal with bytecode. It originated as a series of emails between the Python developers at EveryMundo about a quiz at an expo booth at PyCon 2017. I was also […]

Disrupting Airline Pricing Distribution with Spark

On June 7, we were honored to present our big data infrastructure, DataCore, at Spark Summit in San Francisco, CA.  The presentation focuses on how we leverage Apache Spark to stream available airline fares across all online marketing channels in real-time. Below is our talk: Spark Summit is a leading big data and machine learning conference bringing […]

3 Benefits of Airlines Tightening the Digital Path to Conversion

Understand why tightening the path to conversion is important in the airline industry 3 benefits airlines can expect from tightening the path to conversion See how airlines can tighten the path to conversion   Why Is Tightening the Path to Conversion Important in the Airline Industry? Capturing the heart and mind of a customer in […]

Dynamic Price Insertion in Price Extensions for Airline Ads

What Are Price Extensions? How Can Dynamic Price Insertion Be Used in Price Extensions For Airlines? Price Extension Strategy for Airlines by Campaign Type What are Price Extensions? Price Extensions are prices for different products presented in a carousel format underneath a Google AdWords ad. This allows users to browse different products and price points […]

Dynamic Price Insertion Using Google Display Remarketing for Airlines

Dynamic Price Insertion for Google Display Remarketing for Airlines What is Dynamic Display Remarketing for Airlines? How Does Dynamic Display Remarketing Work? Set up Dynamic Display Remarketing with Prices Dynamic Display Remarketing Best Practices Dynamic Display Remarketing campaigns allow for custom display ads to be shown to people who have previously searched for a specific […]

Not Getting Enough From Customer Data? Why Airline User Search Data Is The Answer

What to Know About User Search Data and Customer Data From Cookie-ing Understand the limitations of customer data from standard cookies Learn how airline user search data works See the benefits of leveraging airline user search data Here’s a riddle for you: If an airline yells at 1,000 people wearing an “I <3 BERLIN” t-shirt with a […]

Personalization vs. User Search Data: The Tale of the Tape

Airline marketing executives have finally come around to the idea that yes, big data is  important for them, too. But now, they are growing increasingly frustrated to find that their willingness to change is being rewarded with a lack of clarity about what to do next. Too often, this leads them to hire a “data […]

Top 3 Ways User Search Data Can Augment Airlines’ Personalization Efforts

Airlines are beginning to realize the huge potential of big data – including user search data – for their marketing efforts. It’s only been a few short years since the industry began to come around to the techniques already broadly deployed across the entire e-Commerce sphere, and yet the positive change has already been immense. However, […]