EveryMundos Marketplace Launches Travel Offer Marketing for Brands for Brands to give airlines, hotels, and other travel brands access to products that increase online direct bookings

EveryMundo, a PROS (NYSE: PRO) Company, launched the EveryMundo Marketplace. Us and our partners have developed a digital catalog comprising over 100 marketing and eCommerce products. The Marketplace gives airlines, hotels, and other travel brands the power to choose products that enhance website traffic and boost direct online bookings. It also enables them to decrease their reliance on third-party booking sites.

Both airlines and hotels face the common challenge of enticing customers to book directly on their websites. Approximately 40% of US bookings come from third-party sites, which charge a commission on each sale.

Revolutionizing Travel Brand Engagement: Unveiling EveryMundo’s Marketplace

Seth Cassel, President and Co-founder of EveryMundo, said, “Empowering brands to acquire customers and deliver the best customer experience has been the core focus of EveryMundo products. We’re excited to offer a platform where travel brands can easily access products that drive their business. This platform also allows partners and developers to showcase their products to the world’s largest travel brands.”

The Marketplace empowers partners to display their products to EveryMundo’s expanding roster of over 100 customers. This provides developers & agencies of all sizes with the chance to vend eCommerce tools to the world’s premier travel brands. Moreover, Front10, a front-end development & product engineering company, is EveryMundo’s inaugural partner on the Marketplace. They have crafted numerous products featured on the platform. In addition, collaborations like this will expedite EveryMundo’s capacity to consistently introduce fresh products and enrich the assortment of offerings available.

“The EveryMundo Marketplace was constructed with the aim of preparing airlines and hotels for the future. It achieves this by granting them access to deploy and test the latest digital applications that drive direct sales, all at a fraction of the cost and time-to-market,” Anton Deigo said, CEO and Co-founder of EveryMundo. “Additionally, these applications will be built by a curated list of EveryMundo Partners fully focused on driving the best results for our customers with accelerated agility.”

The Marketplace features an expanding array of airline fare and hotel rate display tools, webpages, and feeds for dynamic ads. This empowers brands to promote dynamic offers to potential customers across the digital landscape. Brands can choose the design of their preferred visualizations for placement on their websites. They can also launch dynamic ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, email, and more. Furthermore, using these tools, brands can draw potential customers to their website, guaranteeing a seamless booking experience.

For more information, please visit www.everymundo.com/about-marketplace

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