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Create integral fare marketing infrastructure with airTRFX®

Launch and manage unlimited dynamic web pages for every destination and route, in every language and country, on any device

airTRFX Features

Dynamic Prices Without Calling Your Res System

airTRFX pages feature dynamic fare and flight information powered by EveryMundo’s proprietary technology, FareNetTM.  Prices are updated in real-time using actual user-search data from the airline’s IBE,  This means no additional calls to either the GDS or Res System and that the system is fully self-sufficient.

Target and Convert

airTRFX empowers marketers to focus on targeted strategies to acquire qualified traffic, engage website visitors and, ultimately, convert more traffic into revenue.


airTRFX is fully hosted and integrates seamlessly with an airline’s existing website and IT infrastructure, easing the burden on an airline’s IT team.

24/7 Client Support

Available via phone, email, and online service desk. No matter when or where a question arises, we’ve got you covered.

Agile & Scalable

airTRFX automatically delivers millions of high-performance, dynamic landing pages for all routes in all languages and countries based on an airline’s route list. The entire system is controlled by the airline through our easy-to-use CMS.


Using the airTRFX infrastructure allows airlines to drive traffic from organic search, e-mail, paid ads, social media, and any other channel to highly-relevant and conversion-oriented landing pages.

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