Booking pages at scale with dynamic prices

Optimized landing pages for every destination and route, for all languages, currencies, and devices.

Enhance your website with customizable booking pages

Make it easy for users to find and book the best offer. Launch customizable booking pages at scale with no integrations, easy implementation, and high ROI.

The airTRFX Offer Marketing Platform

airTRFX pages link directly to your booking engine and become part of your website using your brand elements. All airTRFX pages include dynamic prices, interactive airModules, and campaign automation capabilities.

Build your own airModules to display a customized view of your offers on any airTRFX page

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Choose a design and set display parameters like routes, dates, properties, travel class, and more using the airModules Builder.

Choose to display live dynamic prices, or static promotional prices and place on any airTRFX page.

Promote travel advisories, sales, and key information with Custom Assets

Easily build Custom Assets using images, videos, text, and code.

Publish this custom content on any airTRFX page or set of pages, and include campaign settings like start and end dates.

airTRFX comes with built-in features to instantly enhance your website on-page shopping experience

Hub Page

Add a new hub page to interlink all your destinations, provide fares, create campaigns and more.

Interlinking Module

Create dynamic interlinking modules that display routes by proximity for easy page-to-page navigation and to boost your SEO ranking.

Page Layouts

Customize the layout of airTRFX pages with easy drag-and-drop module placements. Test and experiment with different module and campaign layouts with instant page updates.

Campaign Automation

Create customizable campaigns to dynamically display related fares and automize campaign dates.

Cross-Browser Support

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

SEO Support

airTRFX Pages come with built-in best practices for SEO by dynamically creating XML and HTML sitemaps for every template type, utilizing aggregate offer schema and allowing customized breadcrumbs, meta tags and descriptions.

Accessibility Compliant

WCAG 2.0 – AA Compliance.

Performance Tracking

Performance KPIs support Impressions | Flights Search Initiation (FSI).

Theme Personalization

Brand guidelines personalization based on: Colors | Typographies | Utilities.

RTL Support

Right-to-left (RTL) languages support. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, among others.

Responsive Design

UX/UI, Mobile-first, and adaptive.

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