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Maximum performance landing pages for every origin, destination, and route, in all languages, currencies, and devices.

Using only a route list, airTRFX automatically generates pages for every route, origin and destination in an airline’s network, in all languages and currencies they cover. These airTRFX pages include real-time flight information, engaging content, flight search airModules, and campaign automation capabilities.

airTRFX pages are ideal for digital campaigns to funnel customers from ads or email campaigns to pages where they can filter through the best available fares and directly enter the booking engine. These pages are also mobile-friendly with airTRFX + AMP to ensure a superior mobile booking experience.

airTRFX dramatically enhances web presence and integrates seamlessly with an airline’s existing website. TRFX®, for use in industries other than Aviation, is also available upon request.

airTRFX Template Pages

Once an airline uploads their route list airTRFX creates Template Pages for every destination and route in their network.

Template pages include: To-City, City-To-City, From-City, To-Country, Country-To-City, Country-To-Country, and From-Country.

Some examples of pages for a user located in Paris would include: Flights to London, Flights from Paris to London, flights from Paris, flights from France to London and flights from France to the UK.

Template Pages are an essential way to get destinations and routes to rank in search engines and provide relevant fare information to users who land on those pages.

Add airModules to Template Pages to display real-time fares in a variety of displays. Share key information or promotions with Custom Assets across any type or subtype of Template Pages.

Digital marketing campaigns can link to Template Pages in display ads, paid search ads, email, and social media to drive targeted users to pages with the best available fares for routes or destinations they are looking for.

Example of a City-To-City airTRFX Template Page:

City-To-City airTRFX Template Page - Spirit

Examples of airTRFX Template Pages (click to enlarge):

airTRFX Custom Pages

While airTRFX Template Pages are ideal for promoting routes and destinations, airTRFX also empowers airlines to create custom pages for any collection of routes they want to promote, like special events, regions, and themes (beaches, special events, ski destinations, ecotoursim, etc.) 

Custom Pages can be launched for campaigns with real-time fares that are filtered to reflect the terms and conditions of the airline’s marketing campaign. 

Custom Pages can be used to share key information with travelers, many EveryMundo airlines have utilized Custom Pages for COVID-19 informational pages to share the latest updates on safety, hygiene, and route availability.

The usecases for airTRFX Custom Pages is unlimited, and our airline partners continuously impress us with their creative uses of Custom Pages.

Thai Airways Loyalty Promotion Custom Page:

Thai loyalty custom page

Examples of airTRFX Custom Pages (click to enlarge):

airTRFX Custom Assets

Custom Assets can be any text, image, video, or custom code that is placed on an airline’s home page, any selected airTRFX Template Page(s) or Custom Page(s). Custom Assets can be static, or can link to other pages to provide travelers with additional information.

airTRFX Control makes it easy to create Custom Assets and place them on selected pages for a set amount of time, including customizations like blackout dates when the asset should not be visible.

Custom Assets are ideal to promote sales, membership promotions, travel advisories, and airline policies to ensure that page visitors see key information.

airTRFX Custom Asset on From-City Template Page:

Cathay Pacific airTRFX Custom Asset

Examples of airTRFX Custom Assets (click to enlarge):

The airTRFX Fare Marketing System 

airTRFX is the essential EveryMundo product that all of our other products connect to, and is managed by the airline on airTRFX Control. Once logged in, airTRFX Control users can create pages, custom assets, add or remove routes, manage and create airModules, launch campaigns & promotions, and use data from EveryMundo products to make informed decisions. 

Why not build it yourself? airTRFX Fare Marketing infrastructure takes only a few weeks to set up and customize, and is much less costly, resource intensive, and has greater functionality than any Fare Marketing platform created from scratch in-house.

airTRFX Benefits:

Fare Marketing Technology

airTRFX gives your team the tools to launch, manage, and optimize Fare Marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use CMS.

Landing Pages at Scale

Increase your online presence and Fare Marketing capabilities by auto-generating pages for every route, in all languages and currencies.

Real-Time Fare Information

Fares are updated instantly using user-search data from the IBE. This means no additional calls to the GDS / Res System for real-time fares.

Minimal IT Dependency

airTRFX is fully hosted and integrates seamlessly with an airline’s existing website and IT infrastructure.

Target and Convert

airTRFX improves airlines’ Fare Marketing capabilities to acquire qualified traffic, engage visitors and convert traffic into revenue.

Cross Channel Campaigns

Use airTRFX Fare Marketing to drive traffic from organic search, e-mail, paid ads, social media, and other channels to highly-relevant conversion-oriented pages.

Why do I need pages?

Having highly relevant landing pages with real-time fares is the best way to power your Fare Marketing campaigns and ensure that consumers are finding your flights.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Metasearch Engines (MSEs) devote massive resources toward developing millions of high-performance landing pages to drive web traffic through their booking engines. 

airTRFX empowers airlines to deploy robust Fare Marketing infrastructure by instantly launching dedicated webpages for every destination and route in their network, in all languages, currencies, and devices. These pages include real-time prices and flight information, engaging content, and campaign automation capabilities. 

airTRFX Hosting and Security

airTRFX is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Storage Services and cached using Cloudflare CDN. AWS is highly secure, scalable, expandable, and load-balanced to exceed the airline website’s traffic and performance requirements. Cloudflare provides security, performance and reliability for our external-facing resources, such as websites and APIs, while protecting our internal resources, such as behind-the-firewall applications.

Detectify conducts automated penetration tests and vulnerability scans of airTRFX on a continuous basis. This tool performs tests against web applications, based on the OWASP Top 10 specifications, fingerprinting of content management systems, and the latest trends in vulnerability research. The results of these scans provide EveryMundo with an assessment of the application’s vulnerabilities from the perspective of a malicious actor. View the results of the airTRFX Automated Penetration Test:

Real-time fares on all pages, without calling your Res System.

Create an e-commerce Fare Marketing infrastructure with airTRFX

  • Unlimited number of auto-generated landing pages with real-time fares
  • Bring more traffic to your landing pages
  • Get routes, fares, and deals in front of customers
  • SEO best practices to increase your online presence
  • Deliver a better online experience
  • Efficiently convert visitors into customers

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