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Tools to collect and analyze data for insights and performance improvements

Analytics Guides:

EveryMundo’s Monthly Customer Activity Emails

EveryMundo's monthly activity emails are a set of emails sent to customers once a month with informative data on how their EveryMundo products are performing. One page includes tables, charts, quick links, customer resources, and more. It dynamically generates the...

5 Habits to Manage Remote Teams

5 Habits to Manage Remote Data Analytics Teams (or Any Other Remote Teams) Like many companies, EveryMundo has operated in a remote work setup for over two years. During this period, my team, Data Analytics, has become stronger, enhanced our processes, and delivered...

How to Improve the Searches Metric

In a previous post, we explored how airlines can leverage user search data to enhance customer experiences on their online channels. We deliver this data to our customers through the FareNet Dashboards. Within our Business Intelligence Reporting Suite for Airlines, we...

How to Hide and Show Parameters by Using Dashboard Actions in Tableau?

Everymundo created the airTRFX Performance Dashboard to help our customers track the user engagement with their airTRFX Pages, from the first pageview to the final bookings and revenue. Learn how to manage parameters with dashboard actions in tableau! When Customers...

Google Analytics Channel Tracking

Proper tagging and Google Ads linking to Google Analytics are important to attribute sessions to the proper channel in the Default Channel Grouping of Google Analytics. In many cases, our customers report incorrect channel attribution in their Google Analytics...

How to Correct Internal Referral Issues with Google Analytics and GTM

Internal Referral is referral traffic that originates from pages from the main website domain. This issue indicates that there are issues in the tracking implementation of the website. Having an internal referral in Google Analytics causes attribution issues in...

How to Fix Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics

Ecommerce tracking is one of the most important features of Google Analytics. It shows the number of transactions and revenue collected by the website. Therefore, data integrity in eCommerce tracking is paramount for marketing and business decisions. Having duplicate...

How Airlines Can Test Transactions

The EM dataLayer can be used to leverage some analytics and marketing efforts such as Custom Dimension in GA, Event tracking, Trigger rules in GTM, Dynamic Remarketing

How airlines can leverage the airTRFX dataLayer to set custom tracking via GTM

The EM dataLayer can be used to leverage some analytics and marketing efforts such as Custom Dimension in GA, Event tracking, Trigger rules in GTM, Dynamic Remarketing

Data Analytics Dashboards

By analyzing user search data on your airTRFX pages, we can create dashboards that share a variety of insights that can help your team make data-driven decisions about marketing efforts on a route-by-route basis. See some of the dashboards we offer below, or click here to see all Data Analytics dashboards.


As a data-driven, product-centric company, data is core to what we do, it’s our language. So we developed emDataStandards. emDataStandards are Airline industry specific data standards that enable direct distribution to better present, find, track and build airline digital marketing products.

Data Standards are the rules by which data are described, collected and used. In order to share, exchange, and understand data, we must standardize the format as well as the meaning.

The emDataStandards are an Open Source Project found here: 


Independent of the client’s tracking set-up


All requests are encrypted and no personally identifiable information is collected


We collect data from the first touchpoint to final transaction


All user interactions are tracked, for example, all clicks on CTA button and filter interactions

Revenue Driven

We collect revenue in different currencies and attribute it to user product usage

Cross Channel

Drive traffic from organic search, e-mail, paid ads, social media, and other channels to highly-relevant conversion-oriented landing pages.

Data Collection and Data Sources at EveryMundo

We centralize all data in DataCore™, our proprietary big data aggregation and processing system. Through DataCore, we manage modular APIs to power our products with real-time data. DataCore receives, processes, optimizes and communicates large data sets in a high performance, high availability environment.

Dozens of travel and events customers worldwide use at least one EveryMundo solution. We collect the following data assets from these airlines:

FareNet Data

EveryMundo’s proprietary solution enabling the capture of fares, flight info, and user behavior data based on natural user activity in an airline’s booking engine.

Airline BI Data

Data such as capacity share, load factor, revenue management data, etc.

SEM Data

Fare data from APIs that airlines provide

Third Party Data

Fare data from APIs that airlines provide

SEO Data

Google & Adobe Analytics Data