EveryMundo Resource Center

Welcome to InfoMundo, where you can find helpful information on EveryMundo and our products. Whether you are considering becoming a customer, or are an advanced airTRFX user, you will find key EveryMundo resources here.

New to EveryMundo?

Get to know us with these documents on what we do and how we work. We share how we power real-time fares with FareNet, why Fare Marketing is an essential tool for airlines, and our legal compliance.

What is Offer Marketing?

How airlines can target and convert travelers by broadcasting dynamic prices.

Buy vs. Build

Cost comparison of building a Fare Marketing system in house vs. the EveryMundo Platform.

Working with EveryMundo

Get to know the EveryMundo teams that will guide you through Product delivery and beyond.

EveryMundo Partners

We choose partners that enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers. Learn about our partners here. 


Our privacy policy outlines what information EveryMundo collects, how we use it, and what your choices are.

Hosting & Security

The EveryMundo Platform is hosted using AWS Cloud Storage Services and cached using Cloudflare CDN.


EveryMundo products are USDOT Compliant and meet international standards and regulations (USDOT, GDPR, CAAC, etc.)

Future-Proof Products

We are constantly innovating on the EveryMundo Platform to deliver greater results in all of our products.

FareNet Overview

FareNet powers EveryMundo Products with real-time fares and trip info without any additional calls to the Res System or GDS.

Getting Started: What you need pre-launch

Get started with your EM Platform onboarding and what product support you can count on. Explore the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process for product customizations and our delivery processes. Dive deeper into each product to better understand the full range of fare marketing capabilities each offers.

EM Platform Onboarding

Walk through each level of our onboarding process to see what you’ll need to get started on the EveryMundo Platform.

UAT Process

Learn what feedback will be processed and how to submit it during the User Acceptance Training (UAT) Process.

Product Support

Review the support EveryMundo offers to fix bugs, make changes, and accommodate service requests.

airTRFX Overview

An in-depth review of airTRFX capabilities and methods to enable airlines to promote their networks creatively and effectively.

airTRFX Delivery

What to expect before, during, and after launching on airTRFX, and what teams will work throughout the process.

airSEM Overview

Take a deeper look into airSEM technology and how to form your Search Engine Marketing strategies.

airWire Overview

Details on airWire integrations for real-time fares in Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Email, and Display advertising.

airWire Delivery

airWire is prepared and deployed in 5 phases with minimal efforts from airline teams. See the topics we cover in each phase.

Become an Expert User

Now that you have completed your EM Platform onboarding and set up your products you are ready to learn the tactics to get the most out of your Fare Marketing. Learn about airTRFX page design recomendations and complete your airTRFX Training to get ready to build effective pages, campaigns, and airModules. For even more ideas and help creating, check out our tutorials page for step-by-step guides.

airTRFX Page Design

The best practices for conversion-oriented webpage design based on our work with some of the most successful airlines.

Case Studies

Real examples of customers using EveryMundo products to improve their direct channel performance.

Restart Playbooks

Tactical Restart & Reacquire playbooks that share best practices for airlines during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maximize Fare Marketing across your channels

Dive deeper into the EveryMundo Platform with our Restart Playbook guides, Best Practices, Case Studies, and SEO Resources for Airlines. Learn how to use your search data to make business decisions with the FareNet Dashboards and measure engagement and performance with Data Analytics.

Airline SEO Resources

A series of resources and guides for airlines to use and implement to improve their search ranking.

Data Analytics

Tools that enable customers to collect data and analyze it for insights and performance improvements.

FareNet Dashboards

FareNet dashboards enable airlines to visualize search and booking behavior to make data-driven descisions.

SEM Restart Best Practices

Search Engine Marketing best practices for airlines to execute as travel returns post-crisis.

Performance Marketing Services

Our services empower our customers to improve their SEM Campaign performance and drive more direct sales.

Your future with EveryMundo

Check out our product updates for what’s new, our product roadmap for what’s next, and updates to our privacy, securtity and compliance policies.

Product Roadmap

Look ahead with our Product Roadmap to see what we’re working on and what to expect in the future.