Let’s start your onboarding

We know you’re eager to your onboarding to the EveryMundo Platform, so we’ve consolidated the key items we require from your team to get started. There are several categories of requirements that must be provided before you can begin your onboarding, and you can submit them using the Welcome Package Surveys at the bottom of this page.

In each of these surveys, you will find an explanation of the exact deliverable and how it will be used, a topic-specific questionnaire we ask your team to fill out to relay essential information, and an upload tool for your team to share required documentation with us.

All provided information will be discussed during the kick-off meeting.

Timeline – what happens next?

*Average timelines are based on a timely product delivery, in which requirements have been collected and processed efficiently.

Setting Requirements

Average time: 1 Month*

Congratulations on deciding to come aboard EveryMundo!

At this point, you will be introduced to the Welcome Package surveys, which are needed in order to collect the required documentation to start the product delivery process.

You will also be working with the Sales team in finalizing all contract details for the final sign off.

Prior to the official kick-off, the Partnership Introduction call will be held with the Customer Success team and the Product Owner on the customer side. During the Partnership Introduction call, the structure of EveryMundo, phases, stages of value and preliminary requirements will be presented.

Product Scope & Definition

Average time: 2 Weeks*

Once contracts have been signed, your EveryMundo team will meet internally for an official sales hand-off, where your day-to-day EveryMundo contacts will be informed of discussions that took place during the sales process, ensuring that they are fully up-to-date on your business goals.

Your Customer Success Manager at EveryMundo will then reach out to you to schedule a Statement of Work (SOW) Review meeting. During this session, all key sections of the signed contract will be reviewed with you, and the team will provide a complete rundown of the products, configurations, and what you can expect during the product delivery process.

Shortly after, the product delivery will also kick off! By this time, you will have delivered all preliminary technical requirements from the Welcome Package, allowing EveryMundo to review all documentation prior to the kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting will then be used to discuss deliverables and questions.

Platform Onboarding

Average time: 1 Month*

During this period, EveryMundo will start onboarding you onto the EM Platform and configure the airTRFX pages following the information and documentation shared by you. At this time, you will have visibility into timelines and product delivery, with the added timeline benefit of a codeless delivery.

Access & Setup

Average time: 1.5 Months*

Throughout these weeks, you will get access to airTRFX Control and learn how to configure and manage your airTRFX pages; upload your route network and content, define your airModule titles and metadata, etc.

Once the product has been configured, EveryMundo will deliver a staging environment to you for review, whereupon your team will conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


Average time: 1 Month*

Once all crucial feedback that was delivered during the UAT phase has been implemented, EveryMundo will deliver the airTRFX production environment.

The airTRFX pages will be released to production and EveryMundo will provide additional training for your Digital Marketing teams on how to create additional pages and launch campaigns for every possible marketing strategy.

The fully developed product is now ready for you to use across all media channels, and you have the option to open the pages to search engines (indexation process).

Engagement & Performance Monitoring


After product delivery, your EveryMundo team via your Customer Success Manager will continue to provide ongoing support to help you get the most out of your airTRFX product.

A Product Support team will be available 24/7 through the EveryMundo Support Desk.

Welcome Package Surveys