User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

What types of UAT Feedback will be evaluated?

UAT Feedback that will be processed:

  • Any bugs/errors.
  • Updating tokens in the EMDS theme that are within the margin of the standard theme. Example: changing colors and typography.
  • Enabling or disabling images on designated pricing airModules.
  • Location name changes.
  • Modifying currencies or changing currency codes to currency symbols.
  • Show decimals (exact price) instead of default round prices.


  • Something is not working as per the product specifications defined in the product definition form.
  • Will not incur any additional cost and resolution will be prioritized in the reserved UAT Sprint.


  • Alterations, settings, or any product improvements that are part of the product definition or that might need to be considered for future improvements.
  • Changes will be classified in Tier I, II or III.
  • May or may not incur in additional costs.
  • Changes may require a Change Request.

Tier I Changes: Visual alterations and settings within the product standard definition. E.g.: Fonts, Colors, Media Breaks and Images.

Tier II Changes*: Product improvements going through the Product Life Cycle:

  • New Products/Features
  • Additional Settings / Variations
  • Functionality Updates

Tier III Changes*: Product suggestions that are not part of EveryMundo’s product roadmap.

*Tier II and III changes are subject to product feasibility. None are guaranteed unless reviewed and approved by Product Managers.

UAT Feedback that will not be processed:

  • Header styles and layout is not matching with the core website.
  • Footer styles and layout is not matching with the core website.
  • Booking styles and layout is not matching with the core site.
  • Changing positions of atoms or adding new atoms in airModules (e.g., CTA button, image, new non-standard field).
  • Adding padding to modules.

How to submit UAT Feedback

1. Log onto EveryMundo's Support Desk
2. Select the last reporting option

3. Click on UAT Feedback

4. Provide all required information

Provide all required information in your ticket to better address your request and to accelerate the processing time.

A. Select the affected product: airTRFX

B. Provide a high-level description of the issue you are seeing. Example: “Dropdown of Airport List is not loading in Flight Search Panel”

C. Include a sample URL (where do you see the issue happen?)

5. Select Cause Category

Cause category 1 will be prioritized for fixing. All further changes requested will be classified as Tier I, II, III.

6. Include steps to reproduce the issue and any attachments

E. Describe the issue in more detail, provide steps to reproduce, and name the expected behavior. Add an optional video (through Loom) for reference.

F. Add images and or any documentation that can help EveryMundo’s team assess your request more rapidly.

G. Name the affected browser(s).

H. Mention where on the page or airModule you see the issue happening.

EveryMundo Responsibilities

  • Deliver fully-functioning testing environment (URL)
  • Walk-through of product and product test cases with UAT team
  • Grant access to Product Support Desk for UAT team
  • Explain EM sprint schedule
  • Feedback classification, processing and implementation

Airline Responsibilities

  • Confirm availability for defined UAT window
  • Submit UAT feedback via Product Support Desk
  • Provide names and emails of UAT team

Teams involved:

  • Project Manager
  • Internal QA teams (if applicable)

EveryMundo’s Sprint Process

  • EveryMundo uses Agile project management methods, including 2-weeks development sprints which typically start on Wednesdays and have a deployment window on Wednesday or Thursday (US Eastern times).
  • All change requests submitted during UAT via EveryMundo’s Product Support Desk are prioritized based on Tier classification.
  • All notifications and updates will be communicated directly in the ticket submitted. Notifications will be sent directly to the email address associated to the account.
  • When the request is Ready for Review, EveryMundo’s Product Support Team will notify the reporter to review the change in DEV.

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