Restart and Reacquire

EveryMundo Crisis Response Playbooks

EveryMundo products enable airlines to understand demand, promote deals and offers, communicate with passengers, and sell with precision. The travel industry has been dramatically disrupted due to COVID-19, and although travel has declined dramatically, it is expected to recover, and we want to help our airlines prepare to Restart and Reacquire customers when it does.

Every airline has a chance to set itself on an improved course: more precise customer acquisition, less dependency on OTAs for sales, more cost-effective ways to manage and evolve its digital toolkit for acquiring customers. Airlines can capitalize on this opportunity with a renewed emphasis on precision and cost-effectiveness.

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EveryMundo is offering airlines a series of Playbooks filled with tactics to gain insight into user demand, optimal pricing, and fare marketing to restart their network and reacquire customers:


Restart & Reacquire Playbooks

Understand Demand

Understand search demand for all routes to determine which routes are best to reopen, and when. 

In this Playbook:

Utilize User Search Data

Forecast market demand from SEM

Sell Reopened Routes

Determine strategic routes to reopen, then acquire passengers with scalable marketing strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize SEM for Strategic Routes

Communicate Route Availability

Reacquire Loyal Customers

Acquire new customers and reacquire loyal customers by advertising loyalty benefits and rewards.

In this Playbook:

Promote loyalty benefits

Display real-time miles fares

Promote Deals & Offers

Compete to acquire and reacquire customers with low fare promotions.

In this Playbook:

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Promote Future Travel Today

Inform your Customers

Best practices for communications on and off your website to keep customers aware of up-to-date information.

In this Playbook:

Effectively communicate promotions, policies, and offers on and off your website at scale.

Focus SEO Efforts

Drive qualified traffic to your website with airline-specific SEO strategies designed to enhance page performance.

In this Playbook:

Optimize your organic search position

Ensure all route pages maintain high SEO performance

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