Restart & Re-Acquire

EveryMundo Crisis Response Playbooks

How airlines can find opportunity post-crisis

EveryMundo products enable airlines to understand demand, promote deals and offers, communicate with passengers, and sell with precision. The travel industry has been dramatically disrupted due to COVID-19, and although travel has declined dramatically, it is expected to recover, and we want to help our airlines prepare to Restart and Re-Acquire customers when it does. 

Every airline has a chance to set itself on an improved course: more precise customer acquisition, less dependency on OTAs for sales, more cost-effective ways to manage and evolve its digital toolkit for acquiring customers. Airlines can capitalize on this opportunity with a renewed emphasis on precision and cost-effectiveness.

EveryMundo is offering airlines a series of Playbooks filled with tactics to gain insight into user demand, optimal pricing, and fare marketing to Restart their network and Re-Acquire customers:

  • Assess demand to determine which routes to add capacity, how much, what frequency, and how quickly

  • React to the ever-changing market-by-market environments as COVID-19 numbers, practices, and regulations change

  • Determine how to set and manage fares without traditional demand data and willingness-to-pay tools

  • Strategically target and convert customers through direct channel sales and encourage loyalty

Restart & Re-Acquire Guides

Understand Demand

Understand search demand for all routes to determine which routes are best to reopen, and when. 

In this Playbook:

Utilize User Search Data

Forecast market demand from SEM

Sell Reopened Routes

Determine strategic routes to reopen, then acquire passengers with scalable marketing strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize SEM for Strategic Routes

Communicate Route Availability

Re-Acquire Customers

Acquire new customers and re-acquire loyal customers.

In this Playbook:

Promote loyalty benefits

Display real-time miles fares

Promote Deals & Offers

Compete to acquire and re-acquire customers with low fare promotions.

In this Playbook:

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Promote Future Travel Today

Inform your Customers

Best practices for communications on and off your website.

In this Playbook:

Effectively communicate promotions, policies, and offers on and off your website.

Focus SEO Efforts

Drive qualified traffic to your website with airline-specific SEO strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize your organic search position

Ensure all route pages maintain high SEO performance

Ready to Restart & Re-Acquire Customers?

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