New Products & Revenue Streams

Ongoing release of future-proof, airline-specific technology to grow additional business verticals for incremental revenue

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Delivered (currently available to all airlines)
Custom Pages to target new audiences and acquire incremental revenue

Airlines can create unlimited airTRFX Custom Pages that display real-time fares for any route or collection of routes. Custom Pages can be used to promote travel by theme – ski destinations, beaches, events, and more. Custom Pages can also display airModules that filter for the best deals by region, like United’s Weekly Deals Custom Page:

airModules and pages for different travel classes

Airlines can display different fare classes in airModules, either with a toggle to switch between economy and business fares, or an airModule that displays only business class fares.

NEW Standard Fare airModule

The Standard Fare airModule will be the new pricing airModule to display fares on airTRFX pages. Some of the new features include listening to context features, multiple visualizations and additional filters to meet customer requests.

New features include:

  • New Filters – Allow end-users to filter the standard fare airModule on their own to search for fares.
  • New Visualizations with new Data Displays
  • New Flight Type Filter – Airline marketers are able to filter routes by international, domestic, or popularity.


  • More flexibility for fare displays
  • Increases scalability with the flight type filter
  • Dynamic content – Using the page context the Standard Fare airModule will automatically update its content based on the page template
  • Improves user interaction to drive conversion
  • Customizable images

There are four types of visualizations available for Standard Fare Modules: 2-Columns, Table, Grid, and Carousel:


airModules for Events

Launch interactive airModules that display real-time ticket and package prices. Make it easy for customers to filter through ticket and package options for events.

airModules can be placed on any web page to showcase tickets and packages. This includes seamless integration with your booking engine to display only the best available tickets, which are continuously updated in real-time.

Up Next (3 - 6 months)
Deploy airModules on partner pages

With this feature, airModules can be externalized and easily deployed on partner pages via iFrames (Module Manager)


AMP for airTRFX

By using airTRFX + AMP airlines can achieve the same scalable web infrastructure of airTRFX with improved mobile experience.

AMP pages load near instantly, enabling you to offer a consistently fast experience across all devices and platforms.


Fares in Datepicker Filters (airModules/Booking)

This premium feature will be available for pricing and booking airModules to help the traveler to quickly and easily find the cheapest flight option when selecting their dates.


airTRFX for Travel (Flights + Hotel and Flights + Car)


Planned (6 - 12 months)
AMP for Email Builder sending airTRFX pages and airModules

Airlines have the ability to create AMP emails with embedded airTRFX Pages and Fare airModules.

Deploy Fare airModules in additional channels

Ability to deploy pre-built Fare airModules in different channels and platforms such as:

  • Display
  • Email
  • Mobile Apps (via SDKs)

Turn airModules into a Booking Engine - Real-time availability integration

Airlines can integrate real-time availability shopping APIs (ie. Farelogix, Navitaire, etc) to airTRFX Pages and airModules to improve look-to-book ratios.

As soon as the user selected the best fare available via FareNet, they will be able to select flight options before getting to the Booking Flow.


Travel Partner airModules

Build airModules using travel partner APIs (ie. Airbnb) to place them in Confirmation Pages or Manage My Booking Page.

Develop a Revenue-Shared model between airline, partner and EveryMundo.

Example of an airModule displaying Airbnb options based on the users flight travel & length of stay:

Envisioned (1 - 2 years)
airModules to integrate with additional channels such as voice services (Alexa), and chat bots.

Ability to distribute and fully integrate Fare airModules in Display Advertising, Email, and Chat bots, without the need of development work.

Module SHARE THIS functionality for end users to be able to easily share any airModules

If a user found a specific fare, or travel dates by interacting with any Fare airModules, they would be able to “Share” their itinerary and found fare to others. When the person open the shared links, they would be able to see the pre-selected routes, dates, itinerary and fares.

Wechat integration of airTRFX and airModules

Integrate airTRFX Pages and Fare airModule to Wechat platform. Wechat users would be able to browse for fares and deals directly on the Wechat application/platform.

Integration with affiliate networks for increased distribution of fares

Easy integration to affiliate marketing channels and distribution networks to allow fare and deals distribution at scale.

Ancillary airModules on airTRFX

Include airModules on airTRFX pages to drive ancillary revenue and additional products (ie. upgrades, seat selection, additional baggage).

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Automation and Scalability

Streamlined launch of new and enhanced Fare Marketing products to distribute fares at scale.

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Delivered (currently available to all airlines)
Custom Fare airModules can be scheduled to show or disappear from a page

airModules can disappear after their fares expire.

An example of this is a page for long weekend deals page that will always feature fares for the next upcoming US holiday because the airTRFX system allows Custom Fare airModules to be scheduled.

After the Veteran’s day holiday passes, this airModule will automatically disappear from the page and an airModule with fares for the next long weekend will take its place.


airTRFX Control management is through CSV files; bulk edits

airTRFX allows management of images, routes and content through CSV files making it simple for the user to adjust the pages in bulk.


Fares are updated in real time; no need to update IDs

FareNet fare continuously collects and updates fares with every user search:

Possibility to add unlimited site editions based on existing languages, e.g. en-PE

EveryMundo markets in more than 30 languages and can easily launch new languages for multiple markets where the airline operates.

Best-in-class software architecture, hosting and global distribution

Our focus on fare data reliability and security has enabled us to create technologies that serve real-time loads to over 250 million monthly users worldwide.

Our tech stack is based on a robust back-end built by reactive microservices and serverless data processing which powers our fully serverless rendered front-end.

airTRFX is hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Storage Services and cached using Cloudflare CDN.

Quick update of headers; link changes and categories

Airlines using airTRFX can easily update their headers.

Route Status Module

Airlines can provide an updated status of their routes to all web visitors, including a call-to-action that allows direct bookings.

airTRFX offers the Route Status airModule as a free product allowing airlines to publish route status based on an XLS / CSV file.

Up Next (3 - 6 months)
Fare Refresher; increase fare collection via automated searches

The Fare Refresher complements FareNet data by proactively simulating users’ searches and collecting fares and dates that regular users are not actively searching for.

This helps creating a consistent fare availability across desired routes and dates in the future.

Integration of additional fare APIs (Google QPX)

Fill fare content gaps by integrating an additional fare API. This integration helps with data completeness in airModules and improves fare availability.



Continuous expansion of airModules Catalogue

Growing list of Fare Visualizations ready to configure and deploy:

  • Lists
  • Grids
  • Tables
  • Mosaics
  • Carrousels
  • Histograms
  • Calendars
  • Maps

See more designs in the airModules Catalog



Module Manager to distribute airModules at scale across airTRFX & external URLs

The Module Manager will enable airlines to drop an airModule anywhere in a scalable way.

Airlines will be able to assign context to the receiving pages (Language, Market, and Page Category) to choose the settings of such airModules.



Planned (6 - 12 months)
Pre-built library of widgets to use on Campaigns and Custom Pages

Access to pre-built library of widgets in airTRFX Control ready to personalize and include in airTRFX Pages.

Widgets will inherit airline’s CSS and Design System tokens so Development work would not be required.

Widgets may include:

  • Accordions
  • Grids
  • Carrousels
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Countdowns

Improved automation when creating Campaigns and Custom Fare airModules

Ability to sort Custom airModules by different criterias besides route popularity:

  • Low/High Price
  • Travel Dates


Ability to Edit/Add routes in bulk for Custom Fare airModules and Campaigns.

Ability to Copy/Paste existing assets and Custom Fare airModules to avoid ongoing manual creation.

Envisioned (1 - 2 years)
Build airModules from a catalogue, personalized settings and distribute them anywhere

Access to a UI where airlines can select ready-built airModules, personalized colors, fonts, settings and place them in minutes on any website via iFrames without the need of development work.

Scalable airModules library powered by a community of in-house and 3rd party partners

Allow partners, customers or any developer to integrate to EveryMundo’s Platform and create their own airModules and web applications either for airTRFX usage or to distribute to other partners and affiliates.

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Personalization & Customization

On-demand configuration of Fare Marketing products to cater to different audiences, behaviors and e-commerce objectives.

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Delivered (currently available to all airlines)
Ability to customize the pages’ layout; modular system

airTRFX enables each airline to customize the page layout with a modular design system.

Airlines can create a portfolio of different visualizations (airModules) to use across pages.

This portfolio of airModules can be moved above or below the fold, added or removed from a page.

FareNet powers real time fares in airModules

Unlimited creation of Custom Fare airModules aligning to any business rules: routes, budget, dates filters, etc.

Create customized Fare airModules by handpicking:

  • Routes
  • Number of route options displayed
  • One way or round trip
  • Departure and return dates
  • Max and/or minimum budget
  • Blackout dates
  • Add promo codes
  • + more

Deploy Custom Fare airModules on targeted pages (Template Pages and Custom Pages).

Unlimited creation of pages with real-time fares; beyond cities or countries

Airlines can create unique custom pages for any route or collection of routes they want to promote, with real-time fares automatically populated on the page.

Examples of airTRFX Custom Pages created for unique promotions:

Unlimited creation of campaigns to customize existing pages that can be scheduled and automated

Promote content associated to a specific destination or route by placing it on the corresponding page:

Schedule any type of content (images, banner, custom fare airModules) to appear and/or disappear automatically according to dates or other restrictions:


Enhance any page through customized HTML

Airlines can enhance any page by creating their own assets on airTRFX Control.

These assets can be built by pasting custom HTML code through the WYSIWYG functionality on airTRFX Control:

Example of an asset created using custom code:

Pre-population of promocode via URL parameters

By appending URL parameters, a promo code can be pre-populated across airModules on any airTRFX pages.

Up Next (3 - 6 months)
airModules extended features to promote seasonal campaigns, distressed routes inventory, etc.

New upcoming filters:

  • Customize the sort order by popularity or lowest price
  • Disregard specific routes when using country to country selection. For example, the option to select all Peru routes except LIM-CUZ

Display different content on templated pages via campaigns

Airlines will be able to promote content associated to a specific destination or route by choosing exactly which page (or pages) they want to display the content on.

For example, this layout and content is only displayed on routes (pages) such as SFO-NYC, where transcontinental service is available.

Planned (6 - 12 months)
Category/Theme filters in airModules

Airlines will be able to categorize destinations by categories or interest.

  • Include filters in existing airModules to allow users to filter by Interests (Beach, Culture, Shopping, Skiing, etc.)
  • Categorization will be also available to create Custom Fare airModules to show routes associated to each category.

Content pre-population based on URL parameters

Using parameters in the URL, airlines would be able to prepopulate Booking Search Panels or any other airModules

Available parameters will include:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Journey Type
  • Departure Date
  • Return Date
  • Fare Class
  • Passenger Count
  • Budget
  • Discount Codes
  • Flexible Dates

Custom Fare airModules with different layouts

Airlines will have the ability to select different layouts and visualizations when creating Custom Fare airModules. Airlines can also choose to include Filters and Pagination.

Content Geo Location based on nearest airport

Airlines will be able to prepopulate Origin fields on Flight Search Panel and Fare airModules based on the nearest airport to the user’s location.

Fare Alerts Feeds

Phase 1

  • EveryMundo will set up data infrastructure for Airlines to be able to send notifications for any fare changes to users that signed up for fare alerts
  • EveryMundo will send price changes in short intervals to client (default: 1h)
  • A fare change will be sent if the difference is X higher or lower than the last alert – threshold can be defined by airline

Phase 2

UI on airTRFX pages to create fare alerts. This will open an front component with a simple Opt-in form. Form input:

  • Route
  • Date
  • Email
  • Call-to-action to receive deals

EveryMundo will pass through (and not store) sign-up data to airline’s endpoint.

Envisioned (1 - 2 years)
Integrate with airline audiences to personalize fare airModules

Connect with airline user audiences to show Fare airModules based on user search history and prefered airport.

Self-publishing airModules based on machine learning

Use search and fare data to create automated airModules on existing pages based on the best available route combinations and trip durations that with lead to improved Flight Search Initiation.

Flight suggestions airModules if fares are not available

When fares/offers are not available, either due to lack of search volume or non-operating dates, show fares for similar flights.

Automated generation of Category/Interest pages

Create automated pages for categories and interests (ie. flights-from-lima-to-beaches) without the need of one-to-one basis using Custom Pages.

airTRFX advance page layout options

Diversify the layout of airTRFX pages by allowing placing airModules next to each other, half-width components, full-width experiences, etc.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Actionable Business Intelligence and full transparency of the performance of the EveryMundo products.

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Delivered (currently available to all airlines)
Dashboard creation based on current needs; Demand by departure date report

EveryMundo creates dashboards based on the airline’s needs.

Part of EveryMundo’s response to COVID-19 included the Demand by Departure date report to show the expected departure date of users based on their search behavior while browsing the airline’s website. Airlines can click each date box to see more granular information on the number of searches for that particular route and date. This is a decision making tool for network planning, reopening routes and increasing frequencies of existing routes based on user interest.

FareNet Demand by Departure Date Dashboard date view

BI dashboards and reports based on RM’s needs and input

Beyond airTRFX; EveryMundo is constantly exploring new visualizations to provide airlines with valuable data for everyday Marketing and RM decisions.

The Actionable Internet Booking Engine (IBE) Dashboard uses FareNet data to evaluate the performance of every route based on User Data obtained from Internet Booking Engine and allows airlines to see route performance using a variety of metrics. The dashboard makes recommendations based on variations in performance: Push – increase efforts, Reduce – decrease efforts, or Keep As Is – current efforts are sufficient. These labels are computed based on variations and correlations in Searches, Fare, and Revenue for every route.

Learn more about the IBE Dashboard >

FareNet Dashboards Suite

The FareNet Reporting Suite encompasses Business Intelligence reports to provide airlines with booking engine data to drive marketing decisions:

  • Historic Daily Demand & Bookings
  • Demand by Destination and Departure Month
  • Search to Fly Window
  • Demand by route – Search volume

Up Next (3 - 6 months)
airTRFX Control User Dashboards

airTRFX Control will include usage dashboards including all summary activity and latest changes made on airTRFX pages.

Users will be able to see Team activity and access directly to EveryMundo’s Product Support desk.

Planned (6 - 12 months)
In-page airTRFX Analytics

If logged-in to airTRFX Control, airline users will be able to see product and page performance KPIs directly on airTRFX Pages.

Envisioned (1 - 2 years)
A/B testing within airTRFX Control

Create A/B testing campaigns and experiments by modifying page layouts, airModule settings and Fare airModules visualizations to improve flight search initiation and conversion rates.

Predictive Data Models based on Customer Demand to drive booking urgency

Utilize fare and demand data to predict fare and booking behavior and show it on airTRFX Fare airModules. This models would allow users to understand when is the best time to book or create urgency for purchase.

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International SEO Specialization

Maximization of technical SEO functionalities required to increase each airline’s visibility and excel in Organic Search.

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Delivered (currently available to all airlines)
Ongoing delivery of guides for SEO success

We have compiled all of our SEO expertise into our SEO for Airlines Guide to provide comprehensive best practices and tools for airlines.

This advanced problem-solving guide covers everything there is to know about optimizing SEO for airlines, from multilingual SEO to link building.

Constant product updates; based on Google’s algorithm updates

Ongoing keyword research and benchmark analysis (airlines, OTAs)

  • In-house SEO team
  • Big changes in Google’s algorithm are always tracked and analyzed to ensure optimal performance of the airTRFX product
  • EveryMundo is constantly running benchmark studies to identify new trends and key activities implemented by OTAs

Up Next (3 - 6 months)
Dynamic update of fares in title tags

A title tag is an element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result.

airTRFX will display dynamic values such as the lowest fare in the title tag.


By using airTRFX + AMP airlines can achieve the same scalable web infrastructure of airTRFX with improved mobile experience.

AMP pages load near instantly, enabling you to offer a consistently fast experience across all devices and platforms.

Learn more about airTRFX + AMP >

FAQ schema on a page level

Leverage airTRFX Campaigns to build FAQ schema on a page level. Google can include FAQ in Search Results Snippets which lead to better rankings and Click-through-Rates.

Planned (6 - 12 months)
Automated FAQ Schema

By leveraging FareNet search and fare data, EveryMundo will automate the creation of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) Schema in airTRFX Pages

airTRFX will display questions related to best fares seen, most popular routes to a given destination, average fare, best fare seen by other users, monthly average searches, etc.

Google can include FAQ in Search Results Snippets which lead to better rankings and Click-through-Rates.

Envisioned (1 - 2 years)
AMP for Baidu - Mobile Instant Pages

Improve page speed and site performance in China by launching Baidu Mobile Instant Pages (MIP).

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Want to launch a fare marketing system?

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