Product Roadmap

Our plan for continuous Fare Marketing innovation

We are continuously working on improving our products so that our clients can have the best fare marketing technology available to use. Improvements and new products are released quarterly and published in our Product Roadmap. We work with more than 100 companies worldwide, ranging from travel-related companies to events companies, based on 6 continents and marketing in over 30 languages.

Our products are constantly improving to help our clients increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the client’s website.

Take a look at what we’ve recently launched:

airTRFX for Hospitality is now liveWe updated airTRFX to accommodate a Property template, added new interlinking based on Proximity, and made many other adjustments to the standard airTRFX product to accommodate hospitality. We also designed and built a Dynamic Price airModule specifically for hospitality customers to allow them to display hotel rates based on location, dates, and other filters.HospitalityNow Available
Hospitality Pricing airModules: Property Low Rates CalendarWe made general improvements to the Property Low Rates Calendar airModule to satisfy market demand after the initial release of the module. Now Hotels can display a full calendar view with daily rates for flexible date ranges and featured offers, including Breakfast, Suites, Weekend getaways, etc.HospitalityNow Available
Dynamic Price airModule (DPA) now support URL ParametersDPA now supports up to 4 URL parameters, ensuring users experience the same personalized experience in any given URL.AirlinesNow Available
Hospitality Search Panel /Pop-up Improvements were made to provide multiple visualizations and booking panel for Hotels so travelers can easily choose their next accommodation. This search panel supports additional settings configuration to reduce the properties list to a tailored one (by Tags, by market, by Codes). This is especially useful for custom landing pages promoting a particular theme.HospitalityNow Available
airTRFX Control Copy mechanism for multiple componentsairTRFX Control users can now quickly "Copy" existing assets, components, and widgets at scale for improved user experience.AirlinesNow Available
DPA now supports redemption unitsAirline customers can now build their DPA for Miles / Points redemption. This allows customers to leverage their loyalty programs and add variety to their fare purchasing options.AirlinesNow Available
EveryMundo Design System now Supports header and footer token overwritesUpdates to the EveryMundo Design System now provide more flexibility to codeless airTRFX pages: new header and footer tokens allow customers to match their airTRFX pages closer to their core site resulting in faster implementation times for codeless customers.AirlinesNow Available
Low Fare CalendarNow customers can showcase fares in a monthly view, where travelers can pick outbound/inbound dates while having the lowest rates available. An easy-to-use transactional tool helps travelers find the best date options based on available lowest fares in a calendar view. It provides remarkable features such as date suggestions (less to scan), a mobile-friendly version, long currency support, and the ability to choose different flight types (one-way vs. round-trip).AirlinesNow Available
Hospitality customers are now able to show more than one rate per propertyUsers can build Dynamic Price airModules for Hospitality with more de-aggregated fares on their homepages, to-country, and to-city pages. Showing more than one rate on their pages allows customers to leverage customer loyalty and add variety to their fare purchasing options. HospitalityNow Available
Support URL Parameters in Events TRFX PagesEvents customers have the opportunity to use URL Parameters in airModules on airTRFX Pages and dynamically update their context and pre-populate their airModules. Before, airTRFX supported updating context with these parameters via dynamic context; now customers have the choice of using URL parameters too.EventsNow Available

See what’s coming next:

Portable hospitality airModule addresses a wide variety of featuresEveryMundo is expanding the portable Hospitality pricing airModules library, including additional visualizations to be distributed to customers' websites so travelers can easily choose their next accommodation.HospitalityNext
Hospitality Search Panel / Pop-up airModules improvementsComing Next: Extending the Hospitality Search Panel capabilities to support additional hierarchy location selection such as cities and countries in addition to the already supported properties gives the user more searching capabilities. Additionally, the calendar atom will support personalized Year/Month configuration across languages/tenants to accurately display the date units based on cultural standards.HospitalityNext
Fares integration in the Date PickerNew premium feature to help the traveler quickly and easily find the cheapest flight option when selecting their dates. Users will be able to have dynamic lowest fare integration in their calendars.AirlinesNext
Events airModules - Improvements to increase market competitivenessNew features for the Events airModules: This update includes expanding filtering to include Premium Experiences search capabilities; URL Parameters support maximizing marketing promotions by providing a tailored experience based on airModules personalization; Look & feel minor visual updates that refresh the overall user experience, and Multi-language support to allow Internationalization. EventsNext
Dynamic TemplatesUsers can create and deploy dynamic templates at scale. This will allow scalability, variety, and user empowerment.AllNext
DPA (Dynamic Price airModule) will incorporate Travel Class / Branded Fare Class filterThis filter improves customer self-service and Flexibility on the DPA for template and custom pages. In addition, the travel class filter will allow customers to give the power to end-users to filter fares by standard travel classes or branded travel classes on the Dynamic Price airModule.AirlinesNext
Daily Histogram v2.0 - ImprovementsThe Daily Histogram v2.0 is getting a new round of improvements based on market demand to satisfy the following features: Extended Filtering Capabilities including Travel Classes (Economy, Economy Premium, Business, and First) and Flight Type (One-way vs. Round-trip) so the users can better tailor their searching criteria. In addition, customers will have advanced tracking capabilities by integrating the latest EM Tracking Package. This overall performance improvement will help reduce the configuration effort at the product level, general usability improvements, and component maintenance to automate/decrease implementation timing and bugs.AllNext
Route Dashboard in EveryMundo Portal: Give the customer tools to decide which routes to add or remove.A new centralized route dashboard in EM Portal that includes FareNet and airTRFX Control data. Users can filter the dashboard and add or remove routes in aTC.AirlinesLater
Route DashboardAirlines will be able to analyze their routes in detail: the new Route Dashboard will allow an airline marketer to analyze route performance in one centralized location. The Route Dashboard will also provide recommendations to keep, remove, or add routes. AirlinesLater
Improved route / fare count settings for the DPAWe're planning improvements to the DPA settings to provide users with more clarity when configuring DPAs. The "Max routes per selection" and "Max fares per route" fields will provide more flexibility.Airlines / HospitalityLater
Custom Pages AnalyticsCustomers will have their custom page data to analyze how they perform on each page. In addition, this analytic dashboard also provides data-driven recommendations to leverage your custom page performance.AirlinesLater
Breaking deals airModuleNew airModule built to show the best deals to your customer. Help your customers know your best fares and breaking deals.AirlinesLater

This information is shared to provide transparency on our current product plans and align development teams, but is subject to change at any time without notice. EveryMundo Product Management has made a best effort attempt to design a strategic and accurate plan for 2022, but timelines and priorities may shift throughout the year. EveryMundo will inform our customers when features and new products will be ready for BETA release and licensing. 

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