Product Roadmap

Our plan for continuous innovation

We are continuously working on improving our products so that our clients can have the best fare marketing technology available to use. Improvements and new products are released quarterly and published in our Product Roadmap. We work with more than 100 companies worldwide, ranging from airlines, hotels, transport and events, based on 6 continents and marketing in over 35 languages.

Our products help our customers increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off their website.

Take a look at what we’ve recently launched:

Events now support URL ParametersEvents airModules now support URL Parameters; this helps maximize marketing promotions by providing a tailored experience based on airModules personalization.EventsNow Available
Aggregation settings for Hospitality Dynamic Price airModulesWith the new DPA for hospitality, customers are allowed to manage all settings for aggregation in airTRFX Control. As a result, hotel marketers can choose how many cities, properties, or room types are being shown and be highly flexible with what rates to display.HospitalityNow Available
New Flight Search Panel + Calendar Fare InsightsThe new Flight Search Panel + Calendar Fare Insights includes the option to add fare information within the calendar modal based on data availability. This feature lets airline marketing teams display the best fare options available by color-coding fare tiers to indicate insights on the cheapest travel days over the next year. By adding the new Flight Search Panel + CalendarFare Insights feature to their pages, airlines help travelers make more informed date selections and provide a streamlined booking experienceAirlinesNow Available
Daily Histogram v2.0 - ImprovementsThe Daily Histogram v2.0 is getting a new round of improvements based on market demand to satisfy the following features: Extended Filtering Capabilities including Travel Classes (Economy, Economy Premium, Business, and First) and Flight Type (One-way vs. Round-trip) so the users can better tailor their searching criteria. In addition, customers will have advanced tracking capabilities by integrating the latest EM Tracking Package. This overall performance improvement will help reduce the configuration effort at the product level, general usability improvements, and component maintenance to automate/decrease implementation timing and bugs.AllNow Available
Catalog Management for EM AdsCatalog Management enables real time fare catalogs to be placed on Facebook campaigns. It supports integration with 3rd party apps like Criteo, DV360, and Google Search Ads 360 so that users can leverage interest of loyal customers and target them with lowest available fares at their locations.AllNow Available
DPA Origin and Destination Filter by CityThe DPA Origin and Destination filter now displays all nested airports under a city when a user searches by city code. For example, when typing "NYC", the filter will display all the airports available in New York City (LGA, JFK, EWR). This feature will enhance the traveler experience.AirlinesNow Available

See what’s coming next:

airSEM: Support Responsive search Ads in airBLDRairBLDR is expanding Responsive Search Ads to support the same format as Google. As a result, customers will be able to launch ads at scale for different markets and languagesAllNext
De-Aggregate Fares for DPAs .By adding a new setting to the DPA on airTRFX Control, airline marketers will be able to better tailor their DPAs to their specific needs. By allowing configurations for many routes (per route selection) and several fares per route, airline marketers will have control over the aggregation of their data display via the DPA, allowing them more flexibility to display fares.AirlinesNext
Custom Pages DashboardThe new Custom Pages Dashboard will allow airline marketers to analyze their page performance in one centralized location. The dashboard also provides data-driven recommendations.AirlinesNext
DPA (Dynamic Price airModule) will incorporate Travel Class / Branded Fare Class filterThe new cabin class and branded fares filter will allow airlines to give the power to travelers to filter fares by cabin classes or branded fare classes on the Dynamic Price airModule. This filter improves customer self-service and adds more flexibility to the DPA for template and custom pages.AirlinesNext
Marketing Redirect URL for HospitalityApplying the airTRFX Marketing Redirect URL solution to the Hospitality product will allow hotel marketers to quickly build out dynamic campaigns with airTRFX as the landing page using URL parameters.HospitalityNext
Updates to the Vacation Packages DPANew visualizations and module types added to the DPA for Vacation Packages for marketers to build in airTRFX Control. This will allow marketers to increase the variety in displays and focus on package deals by hotel or flight on airTRFX pages.Vacation PackagesNext
Budget Filter for Hospitality Dynamic Price airModule (DPA)Hotel marketers will be able to configure the DPA according to a minimum and/or maximum price that prepopulates the rates shown on the DPA. This new feature will also include a filter for end-users to set their own budget maximum on the DPA and URL parameter capability.HospitalityNext
Creation of Customizer Attributes for FareWire SearchDisplay dynamic prices for responsive search ads by implementing support for customizer attributes in FareWire for Search. This will allow users to map their routes to Adgroup/Campaign level to include dynamic fares in their RSAs.AllLater
Updates in Fare Finder MapDestination Content Integration: Bringing a new feature to the Fare Finder Map to complement the traveler's inspirational experience when looking for their next destination. Destination sights and attractions, events, hotels, restaurants and more will be highlighted via this new feature to help the traveler decide on their next trip.AirlinesLater
Migrating DPAs to upper environmentsThis new feature on airTRFX Control will allow easy publishing to upper environments to increase efficiency when creating Dynamic Price airModules.AllLater
Expanding Hospitality pricing airModules library - Lower Rates PropertiesExpanding the Hospitality suite of products with a new module addition catering to smaller hotel chains or hotels looking to promote their lowest rates on partner websites or their platform.HospitalityLater
Replacement of Dynamic Remarketing feeds with assets in Google AdsGoogle ads is deprecating feed-based paradigms in favor of asset-based paradigms to reduce the complexity of creating and managing dynamic content. To align with this new standard, EveryMundo will revamp Dynamic Remarketing from a feed based approach to an asset based approach so that users can serve serve dynamic remarketing ads on the Google platform.AllLater
Breaking Deals airModuleA new portable airModule is built to show the best deals to your customer. This will let airlines help customers know their best fares and deals. A brand new Fare marketing tool that helps promote tailored flight deals for travelers ready to book their next destinations.AirlinesLater
Route Dashboard in EM PortalAirlines will now be able to analyze their routes in detail - the new Route Dashboard will allow airline marketers to analyze route performance in one centralized location. The Route Dashboard will also provide recommendations to keep, remove, or add routes.AirlinesLater
Newsletter subscription airModuleA new portable airModule is built to allow newsletter leads collection. This will complement marketers' strategy to potentiate their tailored campaigns with travelers indicating interest in their products.AllLater

This information is shared to provide transparency on our current product plans and align development teams, but is subject to change at any time without notice. EveryMundo Product Management has made a best effort attempt to design a strategic and accurate product roadmap, but timelines and priorities may shift throughout the year. EveryMundo will inform our customers when features and new products will be ready for BETA release and licensing. 

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