Product Roadmap

Our plan for continuous innovation

We are continuously working on improving our products so that our clients can have the best fare marketing technology available to use. Improvements and new products are released quarterly and published in our Product Roadmap. We work with more than 100 companies worldwide, ranging from airlines, hotels, transport and events, based on 6 continents and marketing in over 35 languages.

Our products help our customers increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off their website.

Take a look at what we’ve recently launched:

SummaryDetailsCustomersStatusLast Updated
Travel Themes Expansion SetsWith Travel Themes, airline and hotel marketers can now tag their locations to group destinations around the most common interests of their travelers. With this new addition, airlines or hotels can segment their campaigns thinking about the interests of their consumers and thus offer them destinations in a more personalized way. Travel themes can now be used as filters in your pricing airModules.AirlinesNow AvailableApril 2023
New Features: Flights Search Panel with Calendar Fares InsightsContinue to improve the Calendar Fares Insights feature by supporting and additional flow and user experience for Combinable Airlines maximizing the airlines data availability. The new flow will allow displaying fares insights for round-trip flights by leveraging one-way fares independently, this way the traveler will be able to see best deals for departure and return accordingly. New feature release allowing airlines to control the Calendar Fares Insights timeframe for data visualization optimization. For example - only displaying the feature for 3 months.AllNow AvailableApril 2023
New airModule: Newsletter Subscription airModuleA new portable airModule is built to allow newsletter leads collection. This will complement marketers' strategy to potentiate their tailored campaigns with travelers indicating interest in their products.AllNow AvailableApril 2023
New airModule: Breaking Deals Carousel airModuleExpanding the Breaking Deals promotions airModules Family to support a compact visualization in a carousel format. Now you can showcase the same handpicked promotions/offers in 2 different visualizations based on the marketing goal and available page real state.AirlinesNow AvailableApril 2023
Dynamic Interlinking - PopularityThe goal is to create a dynamic interlinking solution that will allow for adaptation to new/future verticals, experimentation for SEO performance, and configuration for customer self-service. This feature will replace the Related Flights module on airTRFX.VG (Airlines / Hospitality)Now AvailableApril 2023
Tealium Data LayerHospitality customers are able to set up their own event tracking via Tealium when users interact with airModules/airTRFX.HospitalityNow AvailableApril 2023

See what’s coming next:

SummaryDescriptionCustomerStatusLast Updated
BI Dashboard TutorialsGet step by step instructions on how to action the dashboards in the aTC Data Insights page with the new dashboard tutorials.AirlinesNextApril 2023
[airTRFX Maximization Score] New RecommendationsThe airTRFX maximization score helps customers to prioritize recommended actions for their airTRFX account to get the most out of the pages. New recommendations will be availble soon.AirlinesNextApril 2023
[Custom Page Dashboard] New recommendationsNew data-driven recommendations to help create more and better targeted custom pages in airTRFX.AirlinesNextApril 2023
Custom Pages DashboardThe new Custom Pages Dashboard will allow airline marketers to analyze their page performance in one centralized location. The dashboard also provides data-driven recommendations to create more custom pages.AirlinesNextApril 2023
Route Dashboard in aTCAirlines will now be able to analyze their routes in detail - the new Route Dashboard will allow airline marketers to analyze route performance in one centralized location. The Route Dashboard will also provide recommendations to keep, remove, or add routes.AirlinesNextApril 2023
Redemption Units - Filter and URL ParametersTo supplement the recent addition of miles and points to the Dynamic Price airModule, there will now be ability for users to use the budget filter with miles or points. Airline users will also be able to prepopulate the filter using URL parameters.AirlinesNextApril 2023
airSEM: Support Responsive search Ads in airBLDRairBLDR is expanding Responsive Search Ads to support the same format as Google. As a result, customers will be able to launch ads at scale for different markets and languagesAllNextApril 2023
Pricing airModules Keeping the context (Origin & Destination Filters)Updating logic on origin and destination filters on thePricing airModule to only show locations based on the context of the page for templates with country context, and only show locations based on configurations for custom pages.AirlinesNextApril 2023
Improvements for Hospitality Search PanelElevate your Hospitality Search experience with enhanced usability features on the search panel: Now customers can include Promotional Code.HospitalityNextApril 2023
Marketplace website revampNew features and better user experience, visitors will now be able to experience a renewed user-friendly marketplace: New product pages, partner highlights, integrated product definitions and much more.AllNextApril 2023
Fare Finder Map - Smartvel Destination Content API IntegrationDrive extended user engagement by including new Travel Guide feature promoting highlights (Events, Restaurants, etc.) by destination and creating interlinking between products (airTRFX and airModules).AllNextApril 2023
Creation of Customizer Attributes for FareWire SearchDisplay dynamic prices for responsive search ads by implementing support for customizer attributes in FareWire for Search. This will allow users to map their routes to Adgroup/Campaign level to include dynamic fares in their RSAs.AllLaterApril 2023
Replacement of Dynamic Remarketing feeds with assets in Google AdsGoogle ads is deprecating feed-based paradigms in favor of asset-based paradigms to reduce the complexity of creating and managing dynamic content. To align with this new standard, EveryMundo will revamp Dynamic Remarketing from a feed based approach to an asset based approach so that users can serve serve dynamic remarketing ads on the Google platform.AllLaterApril 2023
Hotels and Car airModuleEmpower a set of holiday-themed pages created using Everymundo, targeting users with the intent of booking holidays and featuring airModules for hotels and carsAllLaterApril 2023
Headline EditingThis solution will provide flexibility of editing the Headline/H1 by placement using the airTRFX Control to pick which price is featured and enable more flexibility on the look and feel.AirlinesLaterApril 2023

This information is shared to provide transparency on our current product plans and align development teams, but is subject to change at any time without notice. EveryMundo Product Management has made a best effort attempt to design a strategic and accurate product roadmap, but timelines and priorities may shift throughout the year. EveryMundo will inform our customers when features and new products will be ready for BETA release and licensing. 

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