Working with EveryMundo

What to expect before, during, and after launching EveryMundo Products

EveryMundo Teams

Get to know the core teams guiding Everymundo Product delivery. Customers will interact the most with Product Delivery and Customer Success teams. 

Product Delivery

  • Guide the customer through the delivery process
  • Lead the technical delivery of the platform and product
  • Manage product delivery and feedback process
  • Perform product setup training

Customer Success

  • Post-delivery performance activities 
  • Manage contractual scope
  • Assist in Product Tracking 
  • Manage customer relationship across the full engagement cycle
  • Executive status updates during delivery and post-delivery
  • Best practices and strategic usage
  • Provide product usage training

Data Analytics

  • Monitor FareNet pricing data
  • Provide expert guidance on product tracking

Systems Engineering

  • Manage sub-directory / sub-domain setup
  • Ensure SSL certificate is properly installed

Content Management

  • Provide guidance on content and content transcreation (if applicable)
  • Manages additional language launches

Performance Marketing

  • Magage SEO-related initiatives
  • Best practices on product usage across paid channels

Product Support

  • Provide 24/7 support to answer product-related questions post-delivery
  • Process any change request post-delivery

Customer Teams

During the delivery process and post-delivery, each customer will have teams who are responsible for the EveryMundo products being launched. 

Product Sponsor

  • Provides overall project direction
  • Provides resources needed for a successful implementation
  • Resolves cross-functional issues

Product Manager/Owner

  • Oversees the implementation with respect to scheduling and planning
  • Participates in project meetings to review project status, risks, and key issues
  • Coordinates project team resources
  • Manages system requirements
  • Serves as point of contact for all day-to day-project operations
  • Manages user adoption activities

Other Stakeholders

  • Participate in alignment calls to confirm process and deliverables and provide required documentation
  • Participate in Implementation Kickoff (optional)
  • Make decisions on system implementation methodologies
  • Attend assigned project meetings
  • Provide appropriate updates on project issue status and task completion

Product Delivery Timeline

airTRFX is prepared and deployed in 8 phases in as little as 18 weeks. Below find the topics covered in each phase as well as the estimated effort required by customer team members.

Weeks 1-6
Phase 1: Pre-Kick-off Welcome Package

Flight Search Panel 


  • Deep-links
  • Route combinations
  • Passenger rules and validations

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • Flight Search Panel & Deep-link Expert (2 hours)
Phase 2: EveryMundo Platform Integration

IBE Fare Logic & FareNet Implementation

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • Pricing Expert (2 hours)
  • Tag Management Expert (1 hour)
Phase 3: Tracking Requirements

Design Inputs & Approval of Token Values

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • UX/Design Expert (2 hours)
Phase 4: Product Definition
  • Tracking: Project Manager (2hrs), Tracking Expert (1hr)
  • Systems Discussion & Preparation: Project Manager (2hrs), Systems Engineer (2hr)
Weeks 7-10
Phase 5: Training and Airline Content
  • Approval of Metadata and Module Titles: Project Manager (1hr), SEO or Brand Expert (1hr)
  • Hands-on Product Training & Content Upload: Project Manager (1hr), Any Digital Marketing Users (2hrs)
  • (Optional) Geo-description Content: Project Manager (2hrs), Content (2hrs)
  • FareNet Data QA: Project Manager (2hrs), Pricing Expert (1hr)
  • Product Support Help Desk Training: Project Manager (1hr), Any Digital Marketing Users (1hr)
Weeks 11-14
Phase 6: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Product UAT: Project Manager (2hrs), QA Expert (8hrs)
  • UAT Feedback Processing: Project Manager (3hrs)
  • UAT Feedback Implementation: Project Manager (2hrs)
Weeks 15-17
Phase 7: Product Delivery and Marketing Training
  • Product Delivery: Project Manager (3hrs)
  • Release of Systems Setup (Production): Project Manager (2hrs), Systems Engineer (3hrs)
  • Test Tracking in Web Analytics Platform: Project Manager (2hrs), Tracking Expert (2hrs)
  • Training on airTRFX Control for Marketing Activities: Web Publishing and Digital Marketing Team (6hrs)
Week 18+
Phase 8: Indexing

Index: Project Manager (3hrs)

Total implementation time required by customer teams:

  • Project Manager: 34 hours
  • Flight Search Panel & Booking Engine Expert: 2 hours
  • UX/UI: 2 hours
  • Pricing Expert: 3 hours
  • Systems Engineer: 5 hours
  • Tracking Expert: 3 hours
  • Tag Management Container Owner: 1 hour
  • Content: 2 hours
  • QA: 8 hours
  • Web Publishing: 6 hours (training)
  • Product Users (Digital Marketing Teams): 6 hours (training)


Ongoing Support

During the Delivery Process:

  • EveryMundo team members will be available via Zoom conference for 60-minutes once per week during the implementation calls.
  • For emergencies, EveryMundo team members can schedule phone calls besides the weekly implementation calls.
  • Communication outside of the weekly implementation calls should be documented via Basecamp.
    • Basecamp is a project management tool which allows both customer and EveryMundo invitees to document requirements, questions and/or clarifications, and decisions made throughout the product delivery process.

Support available post-delivery:

24/7 Product support:

  • Report bugs or submit change requests
  • Request accesses to airTRFX Control
  • Suggest changes
  • airTRFX Control or Product Configuration related questions (How to…)

Customer Success Specialists:

  • Schedule calls with Customer Success team as needed to discuss product usage roadmap and track progress, ask questions related to strategic usage of product, and general discussions
  • Will respond to Basecamp messages within 48 hours
  • Other teams will be involved as needed

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