Working with EveryMundo

What to expect before, during, and after launching EveryMundo Products

Find out what to expect from EveryMundo by section:

EveryMundo Teams

Get to know the core teams guiding Everymundo Product delivery. Customers will interact the most with Product Delivery and Customer Success teams. 

Product Delivery

  • Guide the customer through the delivery process
  • Lead the technical delivery of the platform and product
  • Manage product delivery and feedback process
  • Perform product setup training

Customer Success

  • Post-delivery performance activities 
  • Manage contractual scope
  • Assist in Product Tracking 
  • Manage customer relationship across the full engagement cycle
  • Executive status updates during delivery and post-delivery
  • Best practices and strategic usage
  • Provide product usage training

Data Analytics

  • Monitor FareNet pricing data
  • Provide expert guidance on product tracking

Systems Engineering

  • Manage sub-directory / sub-domain setup
  • Ensure SSL certificate is properly installed

Content Management

  • Provide guidance on content and content transcreation (if applicable)
  • Manages additional language launches

Performance Marketing

  • Magage SEO-related initiatives
  • Best practices on product usage across paid channels

Product Support

  • Provide 24/7 support to answer product-related questions post-delivery
  • Process any change request post-delivery

Customer Teams

During the delivery process and post-delivery, each customer will have teams who are responsible for the EveryMundo products being launched. 

Product Sponsor

  • Provides overall project direction
  • Provides resources needed for a successful implementation
  • Resolves cross-functional issues

Product Manager/Owner

  • Oversees the implementation with respect to scheduling and planning
  • Participates in project meetings to review project status, risks, and key issues
  • Coordinates project team resources
  • Manages system requirements
  • Serves as point of contact for all day-to day-project operations
  • Manages user adoption activities

Other Stakeholders

  • Participate in alignment calls to confirm process and deliverables and provide required documentation
  • Participate in Implementation Kickoff (optional)
  • Make decisions on system implementation methodologies
  • Attend assigned project meetings
  • Provide appropriate updates on project issue status and task completion

Product Delivery Timeline

airTRFX is prepared and deployed in 8 phases in as little as 18 weeks. Below find the topics covered in each phase as well as the estimated effort required by customer team members.

Weeks 1-6
Phase 1: Pre-Kick-off Welcome Package

Flight Search Panel 


  • Deep-links
  • Route combinations
  • Passenger rules and validations

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • Flight Search Panel & Deep-link Expert (2 hours)
Phase 2: EveryMundo Platform Integration

IBE Fare Logic & FareNet Implementation

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • Pricing Expert (2 hours)
  • Tag Management Expert (1 hour)
Phase 3: Tracking Requirements

Design Inputs & Approval of Token Values

Time required:

  • Project Manager (2 hours)
  • UX/Design Expert (2 hours)
Phase 3: Product Definition
  • Tracking: Project Manager (2hrs), Tracking Expert (1hr)
  • Systems Discussion & Preparation: Project Manager (2hrs), Systems Engineer (2hr)
Weeks 7-10
Phase 5: Training and Airline Content
  • Approval of Metadata and Module Titles: Project Manager (1hr), SEO or Brand Expert (1hr)
  • Hands-on Product Training & Content Upload: Project Manager (1hr), Any Digital Marketing Users (2hrs)
  • (Optional) Geo-description Content: Project Manager (2hrs), Content (2hrs)
  • FareNet Data QA: Project Manager (2hrs), Pricing Expert (1hr)
  • Product Support Help Desk Training: Project Manager (1hr), Any Digital Marketing Users (1hr)
Weeks 11-14
Phase 6: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Product UAT: Project Manager (2hrs), QA Expert (8hrs)
  • UAT Feedback Processing: Project Manager (3hrs)
  • UAT Feedback Implementation: Project Manager (2hrs)
Weeks 15-17
Phase 7: Product Delivery and Marketing Training
  • Product Delivery: Project Manager (3hrs)
  • Release of Systems Setup (Production): Project Manager (2hrs), Systems Engineer (3hrs)
  • Test Tracking in Web Analytics Platform: Project Manager (2hrs), Tracking Expert (2hrs)
  • Training on airTRFX Control for Marketing Activities: Web Publishing and Digital Marketing Team (6hrs)
Week 18+
Phase 8: Indexing

Index: Project Manager (3hrs)

Total implementation time required by customer teams:

  • Project Manager: 34 hours
  • Flight Search Panel & Booking Engine Expert: 2 hours
  • UX/UI: 2 hours
  • Pricing Expert: 3 hours
  • Systems Engineer: 5 hours
  • Tracking Expert: 3 hours
  • Tag Management Container Owner: 1 hour
  • Content: 2 hours
  • QA: 8 hours
  • Web Publishing: 6 hours (training)
  • Product Users (Digital Marketing Teams): 6 hours (training)


Ongoing Support

During the Delivery Process:

  • EveryMundo team members will be available via Zoom conference for 60-minutes once per week during the implementation calls.
  • For emergencies, EveryMundo team members can schedule phone calls besides the weekly implementation calls.
  • Communication outside of the weekly implementation calls should be documented via Basecamp.
    • Basecamp is a project management tool which allows both customer and EveryMundo invitees to document requirements, questions and/or clarifications, and decisions made throughout the product delivery process.

Support available post-delivery:

24/7 Product support:

  • Report bugs or submit change requests
  • Request accesses to airTRFX Control
  • Suggest changes
  • airTRFX Control or Product Configuration related questions (How to…)

Customer Success Specialists:

  • Schedule calls with Customer Success team as needed to discuss product usage roadmap and track progress, ask questions related to strategic usage of product, and general discussions
  • Will respond to Basecamp messages within 48 hours
  • Other teams will be involved as needed

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