URL parameters (aka “query strings” or “URL query parameters”) are elements inserted into a URL to help filter and personalize page content. The URL Parameters used by airModules include 13 personalizations, such as origin, destination, travel dates, budget, travel class, and more. Using URL Parameters, digital marketing teams can prepopulate pages with personalized content, minimize inputs needed by the customer, and improve the performance of promotions by prepopulating the context of the campaign, such as promotional travel dates, travel class, etc. . This new feature will provide a tailored page experience based on user preferences to provide intentional options for booking across multiple industries such as airlines, vacations, and more.

How does it work?

airModules have a standard context for pre-population and content personalization. The context will update accordingly to enable the content personalization based on the  URL parameter values. 

The parameters can be added using the following standard guidelines. It is intended to prepopulate the airModule with available URL parameters, with the end result of a pre-populated interactive airModule based on specified URL parameters. The best practices for this new feature are, using URL parameters for pages with open contexts such as homepages and custom pages and not having too many URL Parameters to avoid decreasing the likelihood of getting results.