The EveryMundo Platform enables airlines to market more than just their lowest real-time fares. Fares can also be displayed as points or miles to drive redemption, as well as by cabin class and branded fares to increase yield and promote the benefits of other premium cabins. 

EveryMundo products (airTRFX, airModules, and FareWire) now support additional fare categories that can be added as Expansion Sets.

  • Loyalty fares: Miles or Points.
  • Cabin class: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First.
  • Branded fare classes: Economy Saver, Economy Flex, etc.

With these Expansion Sets, airline marketers can showcase additional offers for cabin classes or redemption units and enhance the personalization of their customer’s experience across all airTRFX pages and airModules.

Make your fares available to travelers by displaying more relevant information based on their desired cabin class and payment method. Increase yield and promote premium products.

Expansion Sets: Redemption Units, Additional Cabin Classes, and Branded Fares.

Redemption Units Expansion Set:

Display rewards miles and points content relevant to your loyalty programs to make booking rewards travel easy for members and maximize the exposure of your loyalty program benefits.

These are some use cases where miles/points expansion sets can be enabled to drive redemption:

airModules such as Fare Finder Maps or any other supported visualization in our Marketplace

Adding Dynamic Price airModules to Custom Pages

Cabin Classes Expansion Set:

Promote additional cabin classes, better target your audience, and increase bookings for premium cabins.

Cabin Classes Expansion Set in Dynamic Price airModule in every airTRFX Pages at scale

Add a filter on existing Dynamic Price airModules on airTRFX pages, so users can select between cabin classes

Promote additional cabin classes on custom pages to highlight the value proposition of premium products

Cabin Classes Expansion Sets in airModules such as Fare Finder Maps or any other supported visualization in our Marketplace via Filters

Branded Fares Expansion Set

Market your various branded fare classes using your marketing names (via custom labels in airTRFX Control) and display them all over your airTRFX pages and airModules.

Branded Fares Expansion Sets in Dynamic Price airModules in airTRFX or other placements via airModules

Add a filter on existing Dynamic Price airModules on airTRFX pages, so users can select between branded fares

Main Benefits


  • Enables airlines to market specific branded fare classes and additional cabin classes depending on the marketing objective.
  • Allows travelers to search by specific branded fare classes according to their budget and willingness to pay.
  • Airlines can make their cabin classes, miles, or points available across all EveryMundo products that support expansion sets: airTRFX, airModules, and FareWire.
  • Displaying low fares and higher fares to increase performance.
  • Marketing redemption units help users find the right Points or Miles offered faster and can also entice users to join the airline’s loyalty program.
  • In addition, the airTRFX Flight Search Panel allows users to select the desired cash or redemption unit and cabin class they are interested in before initiating a flight search.

How does it work?

By subscribing to any Fare Category Expansion Set, FareNet will collect additional cabin classes, branded fares, or redemption unit information. This content will be processed, stored, and made available by the EveryMundo Platform. Once the content is available, airlines can leverage their fare marketing offers by creating Dynamic Price airModules or any airModule, using the expansion set they have acquired, and promote this newly collected content in all of their other EveryMundo products.

EveryMundo works with each customer to understand their needs and define the best approach on how and what information should be considered and grouped.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to subscribe to this product and start using Fare Category Expansion Sets.


Are Fare Category Expansion Sets supported in all versions of airTRFX and airModules?

Fare Category Expansion sets subscriptions are supported on all airTRFX pages (Template pages and Custom pages) using the latest technology and the latest versions of airModules available in the EveryMundo Marketplace. You can ask your Customer Success Manager if your current versions comply with these Expansion Sets.

Can I personalize the naming of the Branded Fares Expansion Set?

Yes, the Branded Fares’ names are personalized by the airline.

How can I activate this subscription on my airTRFX pages?

Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to request information about acquiring the subscription to each Fare Category Expansion Set, the estimated delivery timelines, and the commercial structure.

If I already license an airModule from EveryMundo and I subscribe to the Expansion Set, can EveryMundo enable the new Expansion Set in my current airModule?

Yes, when you subscribe to the Expansion Set, the fares and/or redemption units become available to all licensed products.

If I subscribe to the Redemption Unit Expansion Set and the Cabin Class Expansion Set can I advertise Miles for each cabin class?

Yes, subscribing to cabin classes and/or Branded Fares Expansion Sets allow advertising the same classes if supported by your loyalty program when subscribing to the Redemption Units Expansion Set.