Fare sales to reconnect with friends and family

EveryMundo Restart & Reacquire Best Practices

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have had to cancel trips with friends and visits to their family. As we all prepare for the Restart Phase, a best practice for airlines is to highlight how a trip can reconnect travelers with friends and family that they have been missing.

Some EveryMundo airlines that have promoted deals with campaigns featuring friends and family are American Airlines and Frontier.


1. American Airlines: Summer of Deals 

American Airlines ran a holistic campaign across all media channels to promote $49 fares marketed toward connecting travelers with loved ones during summer. American Airlines used airTRFX to create Custom Pages where Custom Fare airModules would display all available $49 fares, updated in real-time.

A Holistic Campaign:

American Airlines linked the airTRFX Custom Pages to their Home Page hero banner, in their marketing emails, in ads on Facebook and Instagram, and in their SEM ad extensions. By communicating the same message across all channels, American Airlines was able to drive traffic to their airTRFX Custom Page and convert visitors.

American Airlines created the airTRFX Custom Page below and used Custom Fare airModules to filter for One Way routes at $49, updated in real-time.

AA home page summer of deals

American Airlines also created additional Custom Fare airModules to promote domestic roundtrip travel for their Summer of Deals promotion.

AA Sumer of deals email

Home Page: American Airlines Home Page Hero Banner links to the Summer of Deals airTRFX Custom Page.

AA home page summer of deals

Email: American Airlines emails include a section on their Summer of Deals promotion that links to the airTRFX Custom Page.

AA Sumer of deals email

Social Media: American Airlines Summer of Deals promotion ran campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, all linking to airTRFX Custom Pages.

American Airlines Summer of Deals Facebook promotion
American Airlines Summer of deals instagram promotion

American Airlines also used airSEM to include their Summer of Deals promotion in their ad extensions. This ad extension linked to the airTRFX Custom Page for the Summer of Deals promotion. 

airSEM enables airlines to manage their ad extensions to share information about their route network, booking policies, hygiene and cleaning, and discounts. 

To add more links to your ads, you can create sitelink extensions. Sitelink extensions take people to specific pages on your site (for example, a specific destination page). These extensions let you add additional and more detailed information to your ads. 

Airlines can also place real-time fares in Google Search Ads and Dynamic Remarketing ads. These ads link directly to the airTRFX Custom Pages. 

American Airlines Summer of deals airSEM

2. Frontier: Motivating post-quarantine travel

Frontier leveraged airTRFX From-City template pages to promote the lowest fare available for destinations based on the user’s location. Using the traveler’s Geo IP location, Frontier is able to send emails with real-time low fares from each user’s nearest airport. This creates personalized fare results in each email that link to airTRFX From-City template pages where users can find the same real-time low fares.

Frontier also ran this campaign on social media, with Instagram ads also linking to From-City airTRFX pages with real-time fares.

Frontier sent emails like this one to customers that included the lowest fares from the airport nearest the user.

Frontier restart email

The emails linked to From-City airTRFX pages where the user could browse the best available real-time fares from their home airport.

Frontier airTRFX custom Page

Frontier also promoted their low fares on social media, including the ads below that ran on Instagram and linked to mobile-friendly From-City airTRFX pages.

Frontier instagram ads

EveryMundo Restart & Reacquire Playbooks:

Understand Demand

Understand search demand for all routes to determine which routes are best to reopen, and when. 

In this Playbook:

Utilize User Search Data

Forecast market demand from SEM

Promote Deals & Offers

Compete to acquire and reacquire customers with real-time, targeted fare promotions.

In this Playbook:

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Promote Future Travel Today

Sell Reopened Routes

Determine strategic routes to reopen, then acquire passengers with scalable marketing strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize SEM for Strategic Routes

Communicate Route Availability

Inform your Customers

Best practices to inform customers on and off your website.

In this Playbook:

Effectively communicate policies, restrictions and key info on and off your website at scale.

Reacquire Loyal Customers

Acquire new customers and reacquire loyal customers by advertising loyalty benefits.

In this Playbook:

Promote loyalty benefits

Display real-time miles fares

Focus SEO Efforts

Drive qualified traffic to your website with airline-specific SEO strategies.

In this Playbook:

Optimize organic search position

Maintain high SEO performance

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