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Travelers are concerned about the risks of COVID-19 transmission in crowded areas and populous cities, and will likely continue to be concerned for months to come. To overcome this, airlines should market their destinations where visitors can easily participate in social distancing and outdoor activities. It is known that being outside and avoiding large groups is the safest activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and airlines can capitalize on people eager for a trip by promoting destinations and activities that are perceived as safer for travelers for the Restart Phase.

United: National Parks Custom Pages

In order to target travelers with destinations that they are most likely to purchase in the Restart Phase, United created more than 60 airTRFX Custom Pages to target U.S. National Parks search queries.

These pages were designed with optimized SEO, built into airTRFX Pages, and with additional effort from United, these airTRFX pages are the only ones for an airline in the U.S. ranking for ‘national parks’ search queries on the first page of Google’s Search Results.

United launched this campaign to promote travel to National Parks as part of their Restart strategy and built airTRFX Custom Pages for popular national parks in North America. When travelers use Google to search for flights to National Parks like Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Glacier Bay, and the Everglades they will find United Airlines airTRFX Pages among the first organic results. 

airTRFX automatically provides most of the technical SEO functionalities required to excel in organic search. Adopting airTRFX alone guarantees better rankings and more bookings in auto-pilot mode than any other platform. 

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United National Parks Hub Page

Seamless Mobile Booking Experience: United promotes their routes to National Parks within the United App and links to airTRFX Custom Pages to filter mobile users to the booking engine.

United uses airTRFX Custom Pages to promote routes to National Parks and ranks in the top organic Google results for most major parks.

airTRFX Page SEO Results

United has built airTRFX Custom Pages with real-time fares to National Parks in the US with optimized SEO.

United Airlines Yosemite airTRFX Custom Page

American Airlines:

Fare Sale promoting National Parks

American Airlines has fully embraced EveryMundo Fare Marketing products as a cornerstone of their Restart strategy. One of the Restart promotions American Airlines has launched includes a holistic fare sale across media channels and digital products promoting U.S. National Parks destinations.

American Airlines leverages airTRFX Custom Pages with Custom Fare airModules promoting routes to Popular National Parks destinations. Like United, they believe that some of the most sought after travel destinations post-quarantine will be the great outdoors and national parks across the country.

To drive traffic to these airTRFX Custom Pages, American Airlines uses their social media and push notification to communicate messages about outdoor travel and links those messages to their airTRFX Custom Pages. This way, each time a traveler interacts with a message their are instantly directed to an airTRFX page where they can find the lowest real-time fares to popular outdoor destinations.


American Airlines’ Facebook Sponsored Ads linking to airTRFX Custom Pages:

AA national parks facebook ad

American Airlines airTRFX Custom Page promoting the lowest real-time fares to National Parks in the U.S.:

AA national Parks airTRFX page

On the airTRFX Custom Pages, American Airlines has added interlinking to specific To-City airTRFX pages relevant to National Parks destinations:

AA national parks airTRFX page 2

Email: AAdvantage member email promoting national parks and linking to airTRFX Custom Pages:

AA national parks email

Notifications: American Airlines push notifications sent to individuals who have downloaded their app. App Notifications link to relevant airTRFX Custom Pages:

AA national Parks notification

American Airlines: Fare Sale Promoting Beach Destinations

In parallel with their airTRFX promotion of National Parks, American Airlines is also running a holistic fare marketing campaign promoting travel to beach destinations in the U.S., Mexico and Caribbean.

This campaign filters the best real-time fares to beach destinations and shares those fares across airTRFX Custom Pages built to attract travelers looking for a beach getaway. Visitors to American Airlines will find a hero banner image linking to airTRFX Custom Pages for beach destinations. American Airlines has also used EveryMundo product airSEM to add links to their beach promotion in their ad extensions. This way, every time a paid search ad appears in the Google results, a link to their airTRFX Custom Page for beach destinations is visible.

Additionally, American Airlines has sent push notifications to their app users that include links to mobile-friendly airTRFX pages where users can browse, filter, and book flights seamlessly.

See some of the Fare Marketing examples from this promotion below:

American Airlines home page hero banner linking to airTRFX Custom Pages:

AA Florida Beaches hero banner

American Airlines has also included a link to their airTRFX Custom Pages in their ad extensions using airSEM:

AA florida beaches SEM ad

American Airlines sends push notifications to app users with links to airTRFX CustomPage featuring real-time fares:

AA Beaches Notification

Below is a Custom Fare airModule promoting low fares to Florida beaches, with interlinking to specific To-City airTRFX pages to beaches in Florida.

AA beaches custom fare airModule

Below is an example of an airTRFX Custom Page with a Custom Fare airModule promoting real-time low fares to Mexico and Caribbean Beaches:

AA Mexico beaches airTRFX custom page

On the Custom Pages American Airlines has included interlinking to specific To-City and To-Country airTRFX Pages relevant to beach destinations:

AA Caribbean Beaches custom fare airModule

LATAM: Promoting Beach and Adventure Destinations

To promote their outdoor and leisure destinations, LATAM created airTRFX Custom Pages and Custom Fare airModules to promote ecotourism and beach destinations in Latin America.

Summer travelers eager to get out of the city and to a beach destination can visit LATAM’s airTRFX Custom Pages and find the lowest real-time fares for beach destinations from their home airport.

It may be a while until travelers are eager to visit large and crowded cities, but beach and leisure destinations offer a getaway at a precieved lower risk. This promotion focused on that perspective for the first few months of the Restart Phase as travelers begin to gain more confidence in air travel.

This strategy makes it easy for travelers to find, filter, and purchase flights that they are looking for now that they are feeling more comfortable with traveling again.


airTRFX Custom Page with Custom Fare airModules showcasing real-time low fares from key hubs in Brazil to beach destinations:

LATAM airTRFX Custom Page

Air Canada: Canada Day Fare Sale to promote outdoor travel

Air Canada organized a promotion of their reopened routes within Canada, as well as to the U.S. and Europe using airTRFX Custom Pages. To encourage traveler conversion as soon as routes reopened, Air Canada tied the promotion to Canada Day, July 2nd, and focused the promotion on summer travel.

The promotion showcased the lowest real-time fares on airTRFX Custom Pages for the reopened routes. Customers were taken to these airTRFX Custom Pages from Air Canada promotional emails, the hero banner image on the Air Canada Home Page, as well as other marketing channels.

Below is the email campaign and home page hero image, both linking to relevant airTRFX Custom Pages, like the one on the right, that feature the lowest real-time fares.

Air Canada Canada Sale Home Page and email
Air Canada Canada Custom airTRFX Page

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