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Kenya Airways: Communicating Restart and Promoting Domestic Flights

Kenya Airways is sharing their route network updates with airTRFX Template Pages and Custom Pages that are linked in email promotions. They have created a Custom Page for their email campaign which informs visitors of their reopened domestic routes. The same email campaign also links to To-City airTRFX Pages to promote key domestic routes.

By doing so, their email campaign highlights their reopened domestic routes as well as specific domestic destinations, making it easy to funnel travelers to pages best suited to their interests. 


Air Canada Home Page with airTRFX links

Route Status Module + Promo Module

Kenya Airways is also utilizing new airTRFX features to promote latest updates on their route status to help drive more users into the booking flow.

The Route Status airModule is a customized Promo airModule that shares route updates and schedule. This airModule is ideal when route frequencies may be volatile or inconsistent. When routes are available, the Route Status airModule include booking functionality and a customizable pop-up window to filter travelers into the booking engine. Post updates on route suspension, reactivation, and availability on any page with the Route Status airModule.

Kenya Airways is using the Promo airModule to share additional customized operation details. They have added images to make the airModule visually appealing and can update operations across all pages where this airModule is placed. 

Air Canada Home Page with airTRFX links

EveryMundo Restart & Re-Acquire Best Practices

Promote Reopened Routes

Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Spirit, American Airlines and Kenya Airways

Fare sales to reconnect with friends & family

American Airlines and Frontier

Promote leisure & outdoor travel

United, American Airlines, LATAM, and Air Canada

Communicate with Custom Assets & Pages

Cathay Pacific, LATAM, KLM, Air Canada, AeroMexico, Japan Airlines, Volaris, Fiji Airways, and Kenya Airways. 

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