The Route Status airModule can be placed on any airTRFX page to update travelers on route availability. Due to COVID-19, some routes may be suspended or have reduced service. Airlines can use the Route Status airModule to provide route status updates to all web visitors and allow direct bookings for all available routes. In this video we show how you can fill out a simple spreadsheet to create a Route Status airModule on airTRFX Control.

This video explains how to create a Route Status airModule and place it on your pages.


1. To create a Route Status airModule, log in to airTRFX Control, click Promotions and select Promotion Definition on the left side menu. Click on “New Promotion”.

2. Here you can create the definition for this airModule.

  • The module name is for internal purposes
  • Select “Routes” as the type
  • It is optional to select a start and end date, if no end data is selected the database will not expire.

3. Download the excel template. Here you can include all the routes and status with the airport codes:

  • Column A is for origin, column B for destination
  • For the Route status:
    • A for active
    • S for suspended
    • R for reactivating soon
  • The starting date and additional information are optional fields.

4. Save, upload the file and submit. This definition file will work for all the Route Status airModules created from now on.


Now that we have the definition, we can create a Route Status airModule.


5. Go to “Promotion Modules” on the left menu. Click on “New Promotion Module”

6. Fill in the form for the new Promotion airModule:

  • The name is internal for identification purposes.
  • Activate “Global” if you would like to place the module across all the airTRFX Template Pages. Leaving this inactive will work for Custom Pages and Campaigns.
  • Include a Title to display above the airModule.
  • The Description and Footer are optional fields. The Footer will appear as “Terms and Conditions” below the airModule
  • Select the site editions where this airModule will be placed.
  • Select the “Promotions Definition” file name from the previous step. This will be the database the Promo airModule will be listening to.
  • Select the route origin and destinations you want to include in the Promo airModule. These will be pre-populated from the Definition.

7. Create the pop-up search panel:

  • Use the pop-up functionality to include the Search Panel for the active routes. This will trigger when users click “Book now”.
  • Select the settings that the pop-up search panel will include after users click, this includes the travel class, journey type, and the number of adults. A promotion code can also be included.
  • If there are dates you would like to block in the pop-up search panel calendar, select those days or remove the days of the week that are not applicable.
  • Select valid booking dates if you would like a narrow time frame for searching for flights. This will affect only the calendar date picker of the Search Panel.
  • Save the Promo airModule

8. To add this Promo airModule to your airTRFX home page, template pages, or custom pages, go to Pages on the left side menu and select where you want to add it.

9. Search for the Route Status airModule by title, then drag and drop it in the page layout in the order you want it to appear on the page.

Note: If you would like to add the Route Status airModule to a campaign, include it in a custom asset.


If you are enrolled in our Help Desk you can find additional documentation on how to set up your Route Status airModule:

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