airTRFX Control

Fare Marketing Platform

airTRFX Control is the platform where EveryMundo customers can manage their Fare Marketing products. Once logged in, airTRFX Control users can create pages, add or remove routes, manage and create airModules, launch campaigns & promotions, and use analytics from EveryMundo products to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Features of airTRFX Control

Unlimited Route & Custom Pages

Use airTRFX Control to deploy Template Pages with real-time fares for your entire network. Create Custom Pages to promote themed travel for marketing campaigns.

Follow SEO Best Practices

Monitor and improve your page SEO with guides on your Template Page and Home Page Metadata and Custom Code. airTRFX Pages follow SEO Best Practices and airTRFX Control comes with tools to enhance page SEO.

Gain Insights with built-in Analytics

Data from your airTRFX pages and airModules is available in the FareNet Dashboards which monitor route performance and analyze trends to suggest changes in Fare Marketing strategies. Make date-driven marketing decisions based on user data.

Manage Campaigns and Promotions

Create promotional fares and customize them by time, routes, theme, origins or destinations.  Create campaigns to promote routes and manage them by dates, global or market focus, and build templates to use in your Fare Marketing. 

Deploy Fare Visualizations with airModules

Easily add airModules to display real-time fares your pages. Create custom airModules to promote routes, destinations, themes, and more. Choose the visualizations that best suit your needs.

Multiple Languages & Users

airTRFX Control is available in multiple languages to ensure it is easy to use for global carriers. Easily add users to make edits on airTRFX control, specify their level of control, and view details of all edits made.

airTRFX Control Maximization Score

The airTRFX Maximization Score is designed to empower users with key information on what action items they can take to get the most value out of airTRFX. The Overall Score is a summary of how the account is currently configured, and includes action items that can optimize the account.

Your score is made up of your overall score, and improvements you can make by following tailored recommendations. Product upgrades are also provided to best fit your needs, but upgrades do not directly impact the overall score.

Overall Score

The airTRFX Maximization score ranges from 0% – 100%, with 100% meaning your account can perform at its full potential. You can achieve a maximization score of 100% by applying the recommendations in your account.

Your overall percentage ranks how much you are optimizing your airTRFX products. To improve your overall score you are provided recommendations of actions to take, and guides on how to carry out these recommendations. Each recommendation will improve your overall score by 8%-15% depending on the impact calculated for the score. The overall score does not reset; however, the score may fluctuate upward or downward depending on which recommendations are triggered or when new recommendations are added.

Reaching 100% means that all recommendations have been implemented, but most recommendations can be triggered again. For example, one recommendation is to add routes to the route list; this is a recommendation that will be triggered again if the customer has other routes to add in the coming month.

If a recommendation is not relevant you are able to dismiss it. Dissmissed recommendations will appear as “Dismissed Cards” on your overall score and will appear as a light blue line in the Maximization Score display. Dismissed cards do not contribute to the overall score.


After reviewing your Maximization Score you are provided with tailored recommendations and guides to help you improve your score. These recommendations are based on action items that are effective at optimizing your airTRFX system and come with easy to follow guides.

Note: All recommendations are based on EveryMundo data, which may differ slightly from internal information.

If a recommendation is not relevant to your account, you can click the three dots in the right-hand corner of the recommendation and select “Not Relevant” to dismiss the notification. However, it is important to note that if a recommendation is dismissed, it is dismissed for the whole airline and is added to the Maximization Score as a “Dismissed Card”.

Recommendations will appear as cards similar to the image below:

This table includes examples of several recommendations offered in response to certain triggers. Acting on these recommendations will cause your airTRFX Maximization Score to improve. Each recommendation comes with guides that provide greater detail on how to complete each recommended task.

Utilize airTRFX as a landing page in each digital marketing channel
Implement interlinking between your core site and the airTRFX pages
Redirect pages that are indexed from the core website that have similar content to airTRFX
Create a new custom page
Upload new routes
Remove Routes
Write destination description for all locations (in all languages)
Set up a new Standard Fare Module
Write origin description for all locations
Set up a new campaign
Optimize your images to be less than 200KB
301 redirect all of the "missing routes"
Recommended because airTRFX pages are ideal landing pages for digital campaigns to funnel targeted customers to pages where they can filter through the best available fares and directly enter the booking engine.
Recommended because it seems that there are not enough links from the core site to airTRFX or the links are not strategically placed due to low referral traffic. Focus on: 1. Adding links from the Header, Body and Footer as the main drivers of Page Authority; 2. Adding anchor links from Top Authority pages on the core site such as Press Releases.
Recommended because pages with similar content compete for the same keywords and search engines can’t determine which page to serve for such keywords.
Recommended because Custom Pages help to: 1. Promote specific offers or promotions; 2. Target specific keywords to increase your organic presence with landing pages for high search volume queries; 3. Provide unique content to link out to relevant airTRFX pages, putting the customer into a transactional mindset.
Recommended because uploading new routes means creating more landing pages to attract more traffic.
Recommended to keep your routelist up to date to avoid indexing empty pages.
Recommended because keyword-rich content is a common well known best practice for SEO performance
Recommended because you can automatically display the lowest fares for any routes you want to promote further.
Recommended because creating keyword-rich content still matters for SEO
Recommended because you can promote certain destination, share a promo code, or a holiday sale, or highlight unique value propositions of your brand.
Recommended because shrinking the size for images will decrease page load time and benefit your site's performance.
Recommended because you removed routes from the airTRFX routes list and didn't implement any redirects. If there is no redirect, the user will encounter a 404 which can significantly affect the SEO performance of airTRFX. Pass full link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page
Trigger for Recommendation
Triggered because there are less than 100 sessions from Display, Paid Search, Email and/or Social to airTRFX template and/or custom pages in the last 30 days
Triggered because no referral traffic from the same domain as the airTRFX pages (without .com and ccTLDS) has been recorded in our internal GA accounts
Triggered because pages with similar content were detected, which has a negative impact on SEO performance due to duplicate content
Triggered because no Custom Page has been created or edited in the last 14 days
Triggered because we found that some routes had searches in the booking engine for 28 consecutive days or more, and the route did not exist in airTRFX within the last 30 days.
Triggered because the user has routes that have had no search volume in the booking engine in the previous year
Triggered because there are missing destination descriptions detected
Triggered because no Custom airModule has been created in the last 14 days
Triggered because we have detected missing origin descriptions
Triggered because no Campaign has been created in the last 30 days
Triggered because some of your destination images have a file size larger than 200KB
Triggered because missing routes are not 301 redirected and cause a negative SEO impact

Product Upgrades

Learn about add-ons that will complement your existing products and new features that will engage your customers. Each recommendation card shares why an upgrade is tailored to you. If you want to learn more about an upgrade you can click the “Request Upgrade” link to send an email to your Customer Success Manager to discuss the best steps to take for on this opportunity.

The Upgrade Recommendations do not contribute to Maximization Score, but can provide additional fare marketing capabilities. Product Upgrades are presented as cards, similar to the ones shown below:

This table includes examples of several product upgrades offered in response to certain triggers. Each upgrade is aimed at enhancing your fare marketing capabilities.

Leverage Fare Marketing Solutions for redemption (miles)
Leverage Fare Marketing Solutions for additional fare classes (i.e. Business)
Launch a new language
Recommended because airlines can make booking rewards travel easy for members, as well as maximize the exposure for rewards programs by sharing redemption units with all users regardless of whether they are already members, or whether they are signed in or not.
Recommended because there is an opportunity to give users the possibility of travel class selection in airModules by using a toggle, or creating an airModule to display only these fares. This is a simple way to shorten the user’s path to purchasing a higher-value ticket.
Recommended because launching new languages means more landing pages tailored to a specific market, keeping relevancy with the language helping attract more traffic, and serve as final URLs for multilingual campaigns.
Trigger for Product Upgrade
Triggered because we did not track user interactions relevant to rewards programs (i.e. miles) in the last 30 days
Triggered because we did not track user interactions with fare classes other than Economy in the last 30 days
Triggered because we detected that some languages receive search volume in the booking engine, but have not been set up in airTRFX yet