airTRFX Control

The only all-in-one Fare Marketing Platform

airTRFX Control is the platform where EveryMundo customers can manage their Fare Marketing products. Once logged in, airTRFX Control users can create pages, add or remove routes, manage and create airModules, launch campaigns & promotions, and use data from EveryMundo products to make informed decisions.


Features of airTRFX Control


airTRFX automatically generates pages for every route, origin, and destination in your network. Use these pages and create custom pages from templates or from scratch to use in your Fare Marketing campaigns and easily add or remove routes as your network changes.

Unlimited Route Pages

Run Campaigns

Manage Promotions

Fare airModules


SEO Best Practices

Custom Pages

Email Marketing

Network Management

Manage Pages at Scale:

Use airTRFX Control to clear the cache for your web pages after making changes, manage your page languages, site editions, enable airModules and access your custom header code. 

Multiple Languages & Unlimited Users:

airTRFX Control is available in multiple languages to ensure it is easy to use for global carriers. Easily add users to make edits on airTRFX control, specify their level of control, and view details of all edits made.

Promotions & Campaigns:

Create promotional fares and customize them by time, routes, theme, origins or destinations.  Create campaigns to promote routes and manage them by dates, global or market focus, and use templates to use in your Fare Marketing. 


Monitor and improve your page SEO with guides on your Template Page and Home Page Metadata and Custom Code. 

Data Insights:

Data from the EM Platform is available as dashboards to monitor route performance, and analyze trends to suggest changes in Fare Marketing strategies.


Easily add airModules to display real-time fares your pages. Create custom airModules to promote routes, destinations, themes, and more. 

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