APIs Delivering On-Demand Prices and Information

Easily deploy pre-configured price information into your digital marketing channels and web applications with FareWire.

FareWire is a fully-hosted collection of APIs that enable the display of dynamic information into digital marketing channels. This enables airlines and hotels to market their prices across the web and ensures that the prices shown are the most up-to-date.

With FareWire Ads, FareWire Apps, and FareWire+ marketers can display dynamic fare and flight information in their digital marketing channels and in web applications. FareWire APIs are specific to each digital marketing channel ensuring that each channel gets only the content needed to match the business rules in place.

See the different FareWire options EveryMundo has to offer:

FareWire Ads

FareWire Ads for Search: Power real-time fare feeds in Search Ads

Add a FareWire endpoint to paid search ads to perform for keywords in search engines. When a user enters a search query for your keywords, your ad will ensure your best real-time fares are visible to users with FareWire for search.

FareWire for Search supports multi-channel integration with Google, Bing, and Search Ads 360.


  • Provides real-time fare attributes in search ads
  • Improves conversion rates with real-time and dynamic fares for every route in every impression
  • Integrates with airSEM to enable marketing teams to create, launch, and manage ads that can include real-time prices, increasing click-through and conversion rates.
  • Using airTRFX landing pages and airModules  will improve the conversion rate and quality score.
FareWire enables real-time fare feeds in search ads

FareWire Ads for Social Media: Add real-time fare feeds to Social Media Ads

FareWire enables the placement of real-time fare catalogs on Facebook and Instagram. Leverage loyal customers’ interest, target them with the lowest fare available for their location, and link ads to pages where visitors can find the same real-time low fares available to book. Facebook targeting capabilities and FareWire’s flexible configurations will help you strategically target customers across social media platforms.

Examples of FareWire Dynamic Fares in Facebook and Instagram Ads (click to enlarge):

FareWire dynamic real-time fare for Instagram

FareWire Ads for Display

FareWire powers external fare delivery for digital ads, enabling airlines to add their lowest real-time fares to banners across different placements to targeted audiences.

Display real-time fares and content on the pages of your choice, then link to airTRFX pages where visitors will see the same real-time fare available and be able to initiate a flight search, hotel room search, or ticket purchase. Multi-Channel integration with Google ads, DV360, and Criteo is built-in.

Examples of FareWire for Display (click to enlarge):

FareWire Apps

FareWire Apps power the integration of FareWire fare and price content with third party applications. EveryMundo partners provide additional capabilities when integrated with FareWire Apps, such as dynamic emails, fare alerts, and SMS notifications.

The collection of APIs enables dynamic marketing emails and notifications that enhance the customer relationship with the airline and increase website engagement.

Main Benefits:

  • Integration with EveryMundo partners including Volantio, Movable Ink and Attentive
  • Unlimited consumption and routes at a fixed fee—no surprises
  • Automatically generated links to send users to airTRFX pages
  • Customized routes and dates based on specific business needs
  • USDOT compliant


FareWire+ is a developer tool that enables users to build customizable APIs to deliver dynamic price information into web applications. It’s a fast and easy implementation and supports multiple travel classes and redemption units for Loyalty programs*.

Here’s some of what you can expect from FareWire+

  • Customized routes, dates, currency, and outputs can be placed on any page
  • Unlimited consumption and routes at a fixed fee without any surprises
  • Automatically generated links to send users to airTRFX pages
  • Integration with ‘smart response’ when passing language and market
  • USDOT compliant


*Travel Classes and Redemption Units Fare Category Extension require a subscription.

Real-time Prices without calling the GDS or your Res System.

Use FareWire options to get real-time fares on your digital channels

Relevant Flight & Fare Information

Channel Specific APIs

High results accuracy

Cost savings by limiting GDS / RES Calls

External Fare Distribution

Performance Improvements

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