APIs Delivering On-Demand Fare and Flight Info

Easily deploy real-time fares into your digital marketing channels with FareWire.

Deliver real-time fares anywhere.

FareWire is a fully-hosted collection of APIs that allow airline marketers to easily deploy dynamic fare and flight information into their digital marketing channels. This gives airlines the ability to market their fares across the web, and ensures that the prices shown are the most up-to-date. 

Supporting APIs specific to each digital marketing channel means that each channel gets only the content needed to match the business rules in place. That type of surgical precision means improved performance in those digital channels and cost savings for your marketing and pricing teams.

Share the most accurate fares across your digital marketing channels with FareWire.

FareWire powers real-time fare feeds in Social Media Ads

FareWire enables a real-time fare feed to be placed at any endpoint, including ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Airlines can leverage the interest of their loyal customers, to target them with the lowest fare available from their location, and link ads to airTRFX pages where visitors can find the same real-time low fares available to book.

Facebook targeting capabilities and FareWire’s flexible configurations will help airlines to strategically target customers across social media platforms.

FareWire dynamic real-time fare in a Facebook ad

FareWire dynamic real-time fare in a Instagram ad

Examples of FareWire in Social Media Ads:

FareWire Facebook ad

FareWire places dynamic ad pricing in FaceBook and Social Media ads

FareWire Instagram ad

Frontier instagram ads

Send personalized emails with relevant real-time fares

Increase email conversions by shortening the path to purchase – share only relevant routes and fares based on customer location and travel dates your initial capacity allows (ie. specific dates in the future)

To create an email with dynamic fare content, FareWire fare feeds can be coupled with IP address geolocation to determine the nearest origin airport to the user within a given mile radius. Once the nearest origin airport is selected, FareWire populates real-time fare data in the email with the lowest fares for the most popular flights departing from the selected origin airport. 

The real-time fares in dynamic emails link to airTRFX pages where users can find the same real-time fare and book the best flight.

Send customers the best real-time fares from their home airport in your next email campaign.

Dynamic Fares in Display Ads

FareWire powers the external fare delivery for digital ads and web applications. This enables airlines to create fare feeds to endpoints across the web to display their lowest real-time fares to targeted audiences.

Leverage FareWire to display real-time fares and content on the pages of your choice, then link to airTRFX pages where visitors will see the same real-time fare available and be able to initiate a flight search. 

Examples of FareWire Dynamic Fares in Display Ads (click to enlarge):

Real-time Prices without calling the GDS or your Res System.

Use FareWire to get real-time fares on your digital channels

Relevant Flight & Fare Information

Channel Specific APIs

High Accuracy

Cost savings by limiting GDS / RES Calls

External Fare Distribution

Performance Improvements

Real-Time Fare Information

Fares are updated instantly using user-search data from the IBE. This means no additional calls to the GDS / Res System for real-time fares.

Optimize Conversions

Display the most relevant fare and flight content on any page to enhance customer conversion. There are no limits in the number of API calls per endpoint.

Minimal IT Dependency

FareWire is fully hosted and integrates seamlessly with an airline’s existing website and IT infrastructure.

External Fare Distribution

Power external fare delivery for digital ads and web applications. Leverage FareWire to display real-time fares and content on the pages of your choice.

High Results Accuracy

With more than 90% accuracy, airlines can be certain their online marketing initiatives deliver the best experiences and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Channel Specific APIs

FareWire gives your team the flexibility to launch, manage, and optimize real-time air fares for each digital channel thanks to its API channel specific feature.

Want real-time fares on any webpage?

We’ll show you how.