Promote Strategic Routes and Destinations

EveryMundo Restart & Re-Acquire Best Practices

As airlines reopen their route networks, it is critical to promote key destinations to achieve load factor as early as possible. To motivate customers to convert, some airlines are coming up with creative ways to incentivize travel.

Two top examples of this are Frontier and United Airlines, who are using different tactics to promote their key destinations in their network.

1. Frontier: Let’s Fly Campaign

2. United: Weekly Deals Promotion

1. Frontier: Let’s Fly Campaign

Frontier is using airTRFX Custom Pages to promote specific destinations and motivate travel by showcasing experiences from Frontier’s team members.

airTRFX Custom Pages are highly customizable, and Frontier’s “Let’s Fly” campaign includes embedded videos on the Custom Pages of Frontier employees travel experiences at Frontier destinations. These travel videos are also shared across Frontier’s social media channels. By doing this, Frontier’s marketing flows seamlessly with their social media strategy and drives traffic from social media channels to custom pages where visitors can find content that aligns with the rest of the travel messaging.

Each week Frontier highlights one new destination and promotes the lowest real-time fares from popular origins in the U.S. to that destination on their airTRFX pages.

By sharing the videos from Organic Posts on Facebook and Instagram, Frontier increases the reach of their campaign and creates a seamless experience for their users.

Frontier lets fly airTRFX page
Frontier lets fly social ads

2. United: Weekly Deals

United’s approach to promoting strategic routes has been to create a Custom Page with a Custom Fare airModule that shares the lowest fares for routes United wants to promote.

This “Weekly Deals” promotion shares the best budget travel options to selected destinations each week. Travelers can easily find a great low fare on the Custom Page and instantly enter the booking engine to purchase their ticket.

United uses several Custom Fare airModules to target specific routes by region and budget. Users that visit the United Weekly Deals Custom Page are guaranteed to find the lowest real-time fares for destinations in all regions United serves.

As the airline industry enters the Restart Phase competitive pricing will be an essential part of attracting new customers and winning back previously loyal customers.


United Weekly deals airTRFX page

EveryMundo Restart & Re-Acquire Best Practices:

Promote Reopened Routes

Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Spirit, American Airlines and Kenya Airways

Fare sales to reconnect with friends & family

American Airlines and Frontier

Promote leisure & outdoor travel

United, American Airlines, LATAM, and Air Canada

Communicate with Custom Assets & Pages

Cathay Pacific, LATAM, KLM, Air Canada, AeroMexico, Japan Airlines, Volaris, Fiji Airways, and Kenya Airways. 

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