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Getting the most out of your products

Now that you have airTRFX set up and have covered the basics, we want to share more detailed concepts and tactics to get the most out of our products. We have created the guides in this section to provide ideas and inspiration to take airTRFX to the next level.

EveryMundo published a series of Restart & Reacquire Playbooks with tactics to help airlines recover more effectively. We’ve gathered examples of airlines successfully executing these tactics as Restart Best Practices.

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We have created a series of both video tutorials & step-by-step guides for our more advanced airTRFX users. These tutorials will enable you to further customize your airTRFX pages and airModules.

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EveryMundo is offering airlines a series of Playbooks filled with tactics to gain insight into user demand, optimal pricing, and fare marketing to restart their network and reacquire customers post-crisis.

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Take a look at how other airlines have used our products and the results they achieved. Case study topics range from loyalty campaigns to optimized search engine targeting.

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We have compiled all of our SEO expertise into a single white paper that is the most comprehensive guide of SEO best practices for airlines. It’s an advanced problem-solving guide that covers everything there is to know about doing SEO for airlines, from multilingual SEO to link building.

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Advanced airTRFX Certification

We developed this advanced curriculum to enable airTRFX users to continue to learn more about airTRFX capabilities. After completing the basic certification, we invite members of your team or a thrid party to take this advanced course.

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