What are Price Extensions?

Price Extensions are prices for different products presented in a carousel format underneath a Google AdWords ad.

This allows users to browse different products and price points within a company’s catalog.

Example of an airline’s price extensions::


Dynamic Price Insertion in Price Extensions

Dynamic Prices in an airline’s Google AdWords’ Price Extensions

General Requirements for Price Extensions:

  • Include a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 price extensions in the set
  • Headlines and descriptions must be relevant to both the category type and each other
  • No pricing or promotional language is permitted in the extension copy (except as directed by law)
  • Extension URLs must link to the same domain as the accompanying text ad
  • Links from extensions cannot utilize keyword insertion nor be used to initiate a download

How Can Airlines Use Dynamic Price Insertion in Price Extensions?

Dynamic price insertion into AdWords price extensions in real-time is possible for airlines with airWire and the AdWords API.

The implementation of the FareNet® script in the airline booking engine allows for capturing all prices seen by the user on the Flights Results page.

The cheapest fare for relevant routes is then updated in the price extension in real-time through airWire and the AdWords API. The logic for which routes or what the content should be for the price extensions differs by campaign type –Brand or Non-Brand.

Price Extension Strategy for Airlines by Campaign Type

Best practice is to segment accounts by market and language and advertise the routes on a campaign-level. Consequently, price extensions are applied on the campaign-level.

Price Extension Requirements for Airlines

Type: Service

Price qualifier: From

Language: Of the account

Currency: Relevant currency depending on account (market-language)

Final URL: Preferably relevant route or destination page; alternatively, deep-link to booking engine or homepage

Device: Desktop and mobile

Tracking Template: {lpurl}?extension=price

  • Best practice to use a custom parameter (extension=price)
  • In the case that Google AdWords and Google Analytics are not properly linked, CPC traffic will still be identified in Analytics

Price Extensions In Brand Campaigns

Use Price Extensions in Brand campaigns to promote different routes that include the geo-targeted location.

Price Extensions will display routes ordered by popularity.

Popularity is determined by search volume in the booking engine in a specified time-frame (e.g. last 30 days) with the departure city originating in the geo-targeted location of the Brand campaign.

For example, if the Brand campaign is targeted to Germany, price extensions will be displayed for routes departing from Germany:

  • Berlin to Paris
  • Frankfurt to London
  • Munich to Rome

The fare that is displayed depends on the business logic, e.g. cheapest fare in the next 90 days.

Note: The minimum number of price extensions is three. Therefore, it is best practice to include all route types (nonstop, connecting, codeshare, etc.) in the price extension set – according to popularity.

Brand Ad text of Price Extensions

The headline MUST be unique in each campaign and preferably include both the origin and destination. For example:

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”10″ class=””]
Note: Description does not always show, depending on AdWords’ display rules.

Price Extensions In Non-Brand Campaigns

Use price extensions as a pricing module to show the lowest fare by month for a specific route. For example, if a user searches for flights from Frankfurt to San Francisco, the price extensions will show:

  1. Fly from € 400 in March
  2. Fly from € 600 in April
  3. Fly from € 500 in May

Note: The maximum number of price extensions is eight.


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