EveryMundo has aggregated and anonymized data from dozens of airline websites to determine recovery trends from the devastating COVID-19 shock to the airline industry.

Data represents 2020 weekly one way vs. round trip flight bookings from dozens of airline websites worldwide.   The data has been aggregated and normalized to a value between 0 and 100.

Round Trip bookings recover faster than one way bookings, indicating consumer confidence is growing

  • Before the COVID-19 crisis dramatically reduced air travel, 55% of all airline bookings were round trip bookings.
  • During the low point of the COVID crisis, one way bookings out paced round trip bookings 60% to 40% for the first time in the market.
  • The initial growth of one way bookings is likely due to traveler uncertainty of how long their trip would be, and buying a one way flight for each leg of their trip to provide them with increased flexibility if their plans changed.
  • This behavior is now starting to normalize as round trip bookings recover faster than one way bookings. Increased round trip bookings suggest travelers are feeling more confidence in their flights to commit to their travel plans in advance.
  • There is currently a 50-50 split between one way and round trip bookings.
  • In the past 6 weeks we’ve see a consistent growth in round trip bookings, which suggests growing confidence in air travel.

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