EveryMundo has aggregated and anonymized data from dozens of airline websites to determine recovery trends from the devastating COVID-19 shock to the airline industry.

Data represents flight bookings by class (First, Business & Economy) from dozens of airline websites against their average weekly bookings from January 5, 2020 until February 29, 2020.  The 0% line is the average bookings purchased from January 5, 2020 until February 29, 2020.

Business class bookings continue to recover at a consistent pace while first class is still at a low point

  • Business class bookings continue their growth back to normal levels at a consistent 2.5 percentage points per week.  The upcoming weeks will tell tell us if this recovery is here to stay
  • Economy bookings seem to have stalled over the past 2 weeks after a sharp recovery from -86% (low-point) to -61% (present), a recovery of 24 percentage points in 4 weeks.  The average recovery is 6% points per week
  • First class bookings are still at their low-point, at -98%. We expect these numbers to remain low until international travel grows significantly.

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