EveryMundo has aggregated and anonymized data from dozens of airline websites to determine recovery trends from the devastating COVID-19 shock to the airline industry.

Data represents the weekly average one way and round trip fares booked through dozens of airline websites in 2020.  The 0% line is the average weekly fares purchased from January 5, 2020 until February 29, 2020.

Round trip flight prices climb aggressively from their low point as they dictate the pace to revenue recovery


  • Booked round trip fares have averaged a weekly growth of 3.7 percentage points over the past 7 weeks, from April 19 through June 6.
    • As customers begin to gain confidence in flying, we see revenue management gaining confidence and raising round trip fares.  A great sign for the airline industry.
    • 2 key questions remain:
      1. At what point will round trip fares stabilize?  Next week’s data should give us an indication, but early models point toward stability at -20%
      2. Will round trip fares follow a similar path to the stability of one way fares over the past 5 weeks?
  • Over the past 5 weeks (May 3 – June 6) one way fares remain stable at -20% to -17% below their January-February average
  • The week starting March 22nd, round trip fares reached a low point at 57% below their January-February average.  This kicked off the low point of the COVID-19 impact on airlines
  • One way fares did not see as deep a drop as round trip fares, but they did reach a low point of -47% the week starting March 29th
  • The initial impact of COVID-19 on booked average fares began to be felt during the week starting March 1st

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