Flight bookings recover faster than revenue

  • Website bookings start to recover during the week of May 20th posting consistent weekly growth of over 5 percentage points.  A very encouraging sign vs. slower revenue recovery trends
  • The number of absolute of bookings have tripled when we compare the bookings made during the week starting April 20th vs. the most recent week starting January 21st
  • According to booking trends, the low-point of the COVID-19 crisis started the week of March 22nd and ends during the week of May 16th.  The low-point lasts for 8 full weeks, where weekly flight bookings remain over 75% below the January-February 2020 average.   This low-point timeline coincides with the 2020 revenue trends table
  • The initial impact of COVID-19 on airline bookings began during the week of March 15th (Bookings: -60%)

Other airline industry trends we are tracking: