EveryMundo has aggregated and anonymized data from dozens of airline websites to determine recovery trends from the devastating COVID-19 shock to the airline industry.

The weekly data represents the domestic and international flights booked through dozens of airline websites in 2020.  The 0% line is the average weekly domestic and international flights purchased from January 5, 2020 until February 29, 2020.

International Bookings are climbing faster than expected

  • International and Domestic flight bookings started the recovery at a similar pace during the week of May 10th.  The pace of recovery of international flights was always expected to be slower than domestic, but the initial bounceback of international was a great surprise.
  • International bookings have have grown 2.5 times from their bottom, the week starting May 3rd.
  • Domestic bookings have almost quadrupled (3.7x) from their low point during the week of April 5th.
  • The low points for Domestic Bookings and International bookings came a month apart.  The domestic bookings low point happened during the week starting April 5th while the low. point for international bookings happens the week starting May 3rd.

Other 2020 airline industry data