When it comes to mobile optimization, airlines are lagging behind…and unfortunately, the mobile gap is much bigger than most industry executives realize. As EveryMundo Co-Founder & CEO Anton Diego explains, airlines are making some misinformed assumptions about their relationships with mobile-savvy travelers – and are losing valuable market share as a result.

In the five-minute video below, Diego expounds on why a seamless mobile booking experience is vital to the future of airlines. Watch to learn:

  • How much mobile traffic carriers are failing to convert via mobile;
  • How OTAs are seizing mobile travelers’ long-term booking loyalty;
  • Why the carriers lagging the furthest behind in mobile are the ones who should be prioritizing mobile the most;
  • What an “ease of access” future should look like for airline distribution; and
  • How airlines’ rigid technical infrastructures are hurting their revenue.

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