In today’s customer acquisition landscape, airlines are navigating complex digital terrain in which online travel agencies (OTAs) and metasearch engines (MSEs) seize the majority of organic search traffic and, therefore, new customers. At EveryMundo, we’re working to help airlines rise to this challenge by providing scalable performance marketing solutions aimed at increasing customer acquisition and ultimately carriers’ digital power.

Armed with the tools and strategies developed by EveryMundo, airlines can grow direct bookings and maximize the performance of their direct online marketing channels. Our flagship solution, airTRFX®, has helped numerous global carriers to achieve vastly improved online visibility, leading to a 41% revenue increase and 12% conversion rate improvement by one international carrier leveraging airTRFX® for organic search, paid search and email marketing.

But our solutions were not born in a vacuum. We’ve developed our industry-leading technology and services following decades of experience working with airlines. We understand that carriers’ needs in digital marketing and travel technology are constantly evolving – and that many airlines lack the technological infrastructures and human resources to conquer their challenges in customer acquisition and conversion.

Armed with a deep understanding of airlines’ eCommerce challenges, we’ve developed a four-pronged approach that guides our work with carriers and helps them to achieve high-impact outcomes without dedicating specialized IT support to a comprehensive performance marketing strategy. Our combined approach of Intelligence, Experience, Agility, and Support drives the success of our solutions – here’s how.

INTELLIGENCE: Harness our expertise & leverage airlines’ data to drive continuous improvement

Thanks to the rise of search engines as the de-facto starting points for travel planning – and the dominance of OTAs and MSEs in search results – airlines are suffering a decline in their digital visibility despite the continuing name recognition of their brands. With our performance marketing infrastructure, airlines can achieve parity with aggregator sites in online search and drive stronger brand power and customer acquisition and engagement.

And “productizing” their inventory for online search provides airlines a major additional benefit: higher quality and more valuable customer engagement data. Armed with better intelligence on their travelers, airlines can produce and disseminate content in response to customer search queries and drive continuous improvement by cultivating, and utilizing, stronger traveler-specific data over time.

EXPERIENCE: High-performance, globalized & device-responsive UX that maximizes engagement

In 2016 and beyond, the end user’s experience with a brand is the ultimate driver of marketing success. From mobile site optimization and device responsiveness to e-commerce best practices and ever-evolving traveler expectations, a wealth of considerations impact airlines’ digital visibility and performance in online search results.

Our products help airlines boost engagement and drive long-term growth by making their inventory as digitally reachable and conversion-oriented as possible – all with the traveler’s experience in mind.

AGILITY: Highly scalable, flexible solutions & implementation times under 16 weeks

For decades, airlines have relied on outdated enterprise technologies and legacy reservation and distribution systems to drive their marketing outcomes. Equipped with such inflexible solutions, they lack the ability to move quickly or scale efficiently enough to compete with more adept digital players like OTAs and MSEs.

We’ve built the EveryMundo solutions suite to be as flexible and manageable as possible, and we deliver our software with short implementation timelines and with minimal impact on existing IT infrastructure. In addition, we give airlines the ability to deploy and manage our performance marketing system at any scale – rapidly and with no internal IT resources required.

SUPPORT: Ongoing service & support from experts staying ahead of best practices

With an approach customized for every client, we give carriers the technical prowess that’s missing from their existing digital strategies. But the travel marketing landscape evolves as rapidly and often as Google changes its search algorithms.

To be competitive in the digital space, airlines need a partner that will help them adapt their digital marketing practices to an ever-changing environment and drive greater visibility and higher conversion rates through smart long-term strategies. EveryMundo isn’t just a software provider – we’re a partner delivering the services and support that help airlines conquer their business challenges and achieve stronger revenue performance through increased direct-channel conversions.

Contact us to learn how your airline can use airTRFX® to drive more traffic, customers, conversions and direct sales.