EveryMundo Platform Agreement

Updated: 21 November 2023


The terms of the agreement between EVERYMUNDO and Customer shall be identical to those in the Master Subscription and Professional Services Agreement (the “Master Agreement”), which is incorporated herein by reference and attached hereto as Exhibit A, with the addition of the following:

  1. Subscription Process:  Customer may subscribe to EVERYMUNDO products, features, services and/or content (the “Product(s)”) by using EVERYMUNDO’s then-current Order Forms, including the payment terms therein. Any and all subscriptions of EVERYMUNDO Products shall be governed by this Platform Agreement.
  2. Integration of Standard Terms:  This Platform Agreement hereby incorporates the standard terms and conditions, as modified from time to time, included in the following:
Standard Term Location
Service Level Agreement https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/service-level-agreement/
Customer Support https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/customer-support/
Hosting and Server Security Protocol https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/hosting-server-security-protocol/
Accessibility Compliance https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/accessibility-compliance/
Browser Compatibility https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/browser-compatibility/
EVERYMUNDO Travel Expense Policy https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/travel-expense-policy/

This policy may be amended or completely replaced by Customer.

3. Customer onboarding to the EveryMundo Platform: The EveryMundo Platform centralizes Customer details and information and powers all EveryMundo Products subscribed to by Customer. EVERYMUNDO will support the Customer’s onboarding to the EveryMundo Platform as follows:

Step Detail
Welcome Package Surveys ●        So EVERYMUNDO has the necessary information to onboard the Customer to the EveryMundo Platform, Customer is required to complete the Welcome Package Surveys located here: https://www.everymundo.com/implementation/
Product Setup Plan ●        EVERYMUNDO and Customer will follow a Product Setup Plan for each EVERYMUNDO Product.

●        An example of an EVERYMUNDO Product Setup Plan is located here: https://www.everymundo.com/infomundo/contracts/product-setup/

●        Product Setup Plans include all training required to use the Product.

●        Product Setup Plans are subject to change.

FareNet® Implementation


Other Price and Product Information Sources

●        FareNet JavaScript Placement: So EVERYMUNDO can collect and use the Customer’s anonymized price, product information, and booking engine search activity, Customer shall implement the EVERYMUNDO-provided FareNet JavaScript pixel using a Custom HTML Tag in the Tag Management System in Customer’s Internet Booking Engine (“IBE”) according to details located here: https://www.everymundo.com/implementation/farenet-implementation/.

●        Other Price and Product Information Sources: Upon mutual agreement by the parties, EVERYMUNDO will integrate into the EveryMundo Platform additional sources of price and product information. The Parties may mutually decide to forego FareNet and choose an alternative as the primary source of price and product information.

●        Customer Changes to Main Site or IBE.  Customer agrees to give EVERYMUNDO a minimum notification of ten (10) business days regarding any changes on Customer’s main site and/or IBE that must be reflected on the Product(s). Customer will provide written details regarding the exact change to the main site or IBE, all requirements for EVERYMUNDO, and timelines for when such changes will occur, via a Change Request Form as described below.  Changes could include but may not be limited to style or layout changes; cosmetic, code, or script that could affect the FareNet™ Script; and other changes that may impact Products’ performance. If Customer does not provide EVERYMUNDO the minimum notification and change details indicated above, EVERYMUNDO Service Level Agreements shall not apply to resolution of the resulting issue. EVERYMUNDO is not responsible for any effects on the Product(s) if Customer independently initiates changes to the main site and/or IBE without requesting required changes to the Product(s) via a Change Request Form.

EveryMundo Design System Application The EveryMundo Design System (“EMDS”) is a collection of tokens, styles, and interactions created by EVERYMUNDO and reused with each EVERYMUNDO Product.  To accurately connect Customer’s brand to EVERYMUNDO’s Products, Customer shall provide EVERYMUNDO with its brand details required to complete EMDS, such as Customer brand style guide
Hosting Information If applicable to the Product, Customer must choose for Product to be hosted by EVERYMUNDO either on a subdomain or subdirectory of the Customer’s website.

●        Customer must provide EVERYMUNDO with SSL certificate information

Web Analytics Information If applicable to the Product, Customer must provide the following to EVERYMUNDO:

●        Read/Edit access to web analytics, tag manager, Google Search Console and other relevant search engine analytics accounts and/or webmaster tools

●        Past eCommerce performance reports by channel (SEO, SEM, display, social, email) as well as documentation of any performance monitoring tools being used to evaluate performance

4. Change Requests. EVERYMUNDO will provide a timeline and fee estimate for incorporating any requested changes through a Change Request Form within five (5) business days of when the Change Request Form is received.  EVERYMUNDO will initiate the process to complete the requested changes upon receipt of a fully executed Change Request Form.

  1. Publicity. EVERYMUNDO shall be permitted to disclose, including in public advertising and EVERYMUNDO’S advertising/marketing portfolio, in summary form, the nature of the work performed for Customer under the applicable Order or SOW, as well as Customer’s (and any of Customer’s customers to which EVERYMUNDO provided the Subscription Service or Professional Services) names, brands, logos, and other likenesses, in addition to a description, name, screenshots, logos, and icons of the work performed under the applicable Order or SOW.  EVERYMUNDO may develop, with Customer’s review and approval, a business use case that may be used for EVERYMUNDO marketing purposes.


EveryMundo, LLC (including PROS, Inc.) Master Subscription and Professional Services Agreement