EveryMundo Travel Expense Policy

Travel Expense Policy

Customer shall reimburse EVERYMUNDO for the reasonable expenses associated with travel related expenses during the delivery of the Product based on Customer’s travel policies. Whenever possible and specifically as it relates to air travel and hotel accommodations, travel plans, and expenses will be previously agreed upon by Customer and EVERYMUNDO before booking.

  1. Air Travel.  Customer shall reimburse EVERYMUNDO for air travel for EVERYMUNDO’s assigned personnel delivering the Product. Wherever feasible, EVERYMUNDO’s assigned personnel will use Customer’s airline of choice for air travel.  EVERYMUNDO’s assigned personnel shall fly on a confirmed basis in Economy Class for flights five (5) hours or less and Business Class for flights over five (5) hours.
  2. Lodging.  Customer shall reimburse EVERYMUNDO for hotel accommodations, at a mutually agreed property and price limit for EVERYMUNDO’s assigned personnel.
  3. Ground Transportation.  Customer shall reimburse EVERYMUNDO for actual ground transportation expense as incurred by EVERYMUNDO’s assigned personnel.
  4. Per Diem.  Customer shall reimburse EVERYMUNDO for actual food and incidental expenses, including communications and internet and other incidental expenses, incurred by EVERYMUNDO assigned personnel.

Invoicing.  Invoices for expenses shall be invoiced separately from the associated Fees outlined in the Order Form or Statement of Work, unless paid directly by Customer.