Travelers are searching for the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars online. By bundling together vacation offers, airlines can become a one-stop-shop for travelers booking their next trip. Vacation packages have historically been promoted and sold by travel agencies, however, vacation packages offer additional revenue streams and can enhance an airlines’ travel offerings with minimal technical and financial demands. Airlines already have everything they need to sell vacation packages directly using their website and booking engine, and with airTRFX for vacation packages airlines can market their best real-time rates across all digital channels.


airTRFX for Vacation Packages

airTRFX automatically delivers an unlimited number of high-performance landing pages with real-time prices for vacation packages, which can include airline fares, hotel rates, and rental car prices. These pages are ideal for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns to funnel customers from all digital marketing channels directly to highly relevant pages and then into the booking funnel.

airTRFX offers airline customers a branded user experience at different stages of the purchase funnel and customizable pages for campaigns and promotions. Whether travelers are just starting out in the exploration phase, if they know their destination, but not when they want to go, or if they have determined their destination, dates and flights – they are directed to relevant pages for them. 

Examples of pages for travelers at different stages of the booking funnel:

1. High Funnel

Exploration airTRFX page featuring vacation packages for popular destinations or types of destinations. This page is designed to use a combination of Fare Marketing and property-specific information to inspire the traveler with the best deals on vacation packages to destinations they may be interested in.

2. Mid-Funnel

The traveler knows what destination they want to go to, but has not set additional travel information. This page displays the best rates for a range of dates.

3. Low Funnel

The traveler has input their origin, destination, travel dates and flights. These pages show specific content that is relevant to their travel plans.


Property-Specific & Themed Travel

These pages offer property-level content, co-op advertising, and themed travel options. On the pages are hotel level prices to help the user move closer to a decision and educate them on available options. Partner pages are linked directly to move airlines beyond basic brand advertising to package prices for premier partner brands. 


Property-Specific airTRFX Vacation Packages page:


Themed Travel airTRFX Vacation Packages page:


Marketing Vacation Packages

To drive travelers to airTRFX pages where they can purchase vacation packages, EveryMundo offers airSEM, our portfolio of Search Engine Marketing tools. These solutions include optimized bidding for paid search ads, dynamic remarketing ads, email marketing, and more. These SEM tools are designed to drive highly qualified traffic to airTRFX pages.


How it works

In order to display real-time vacation package rates, EveryMundo uses a pixel called FareNet that collects search data from the airline’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE). The information surfaced on every search results page is captured and the rates for hotels and fares for flights are then placed on relevant airTRFX pages to allow other travelers to filter and search for the best rewards flight for their next trip. This way, Search Data is used to continuously update rates and fares with the latest results, with no additional cost to the airline.


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