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How to add routes to airTRFX

airTRFX Control makes it easy to add routes individually, or at scale. When you add a new route to your network, simply update your route list CSV in airTRFX Control to update your airTRFX pages and add the new route to your airModules

This video explains how to add routes and automatically display their real-time fares on airTRFX pages and within airModules.

How to remove routes from airTRFX

If a route is discontinued, whether temporarily or permanently, you can easily remove the route from your airTRFX pages and airModules using airTRFX Control. 

This video explains how to remove route(s) from your network, and how to add a 301 or 302 redirect for routes that are permanently or temporarily unavailable. 

How to create a Custom Fare airModule

EveryMundo makes it easy to create airModules that automatically display the lowest fares on any available routes. You can create airModules based on origin, destination, theme travel, and more! Once creates, airModules can be placed on your core website or on EveryMundo airTRFX pages.

This video explains how to create a custom airModule that displays real-time fares of selected routes from your network.

How to create a Custom Page & add an airModule to it

Easily add custom pages to your website with airTRFX Control. Create these custom airTRFX pages for SEO, marketing campaigns and promotions and display your custom airModules with real-time fares.

This video explains how to create a custom page and add an airModule that displays real-time fares from your route network.

How to add and remove users

It is easy to add and remove admin users to your airTRFX Control account. Watch this short video to see how.

How to create a campaign

Campaigns display content (images, text, videos, and more) on pages of your choosing for a set period of time. Set up a campaign to promote certain destinations, to share a promocode, or a holiday sale. There are no limits to what you can create with a campaign. 

How to create a Promotional airModule and place it on a Custom Page

EveryMundo helps airlines market their lowest real-time fares across the web, but what about static, promotional fares? This video explains how to create a Promo airModule that has static fares, as well as how to create a custom page and place the Promo airModule on that custom page.

How to set up an airDPI Campaign

airDPI is EveryMundo’s Dynamic Price Insertion tool that is part of our wider selection of Search Engine Marketing (airSEM) portfolio. airDPI updates your prices in search ads, remarketing ads, and price extensions by leveraging FareNet and Google’s API. 

This video explains how to set up an airDPI campaign so that your ads display the lowest real-time fares.

How to export your airTRFX page URLs

airTRFX Control is where you can manage all of the pages for your network. The URL Export feature enables you to download a spreadsheet of your page URLs my market and template. This file contains columns for each URL slug, site edition, template and the index status for all of the airTRFX Pages you selected.

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