Copa Airlines deployed EveryMundo airSEM® and airDPI®, the EveryMundo tool for dynamic price insertion, in order to display dynamic fares in their paid search ads. These ads would automatically update fares in real-time using User Search Data from Copa Airline’s booking engine collected by FareNet®.

Copa Airlines also launched airTRFX® to create dedicated webpages with FareNet powered real-time fares for every origin, destination, and route in their network to expand their Fare Marketing capabilities. 

After launching this Fare Marketing system, Copa Airlines increased the average position of their paid search ads, CTR, Conversion Rate, and Revenue per Visit, while at the same time reducing their cost per click. Because of the increased relevance of fares in ads to the fares on landing pages their quality score increased, this, in turn moved their ads up the search results page. 


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