Airlines use EveryMundo airModules to display their real-time fares in either dollar values or rewards miles. By displaying content relevant to rewards programs, airlines can make booking rewards travel easy for members, as well as maximize the exposure for their programs by sharing miles fares with all users regardless if they are already members, signed in or not. 


How it works

In order to display real-time redemption points, EveryMundo uses a pixel called FareNet that collects user search data from the airline’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE). Every search results page is captured and the fares are then placed in relevant airModules to allow other travelers to filter and search for the best rewards flight for their next trip. This way, User Search Data is recycled to provide constantly updated fares, without any additional GDS calls. 


Make it easy for users to book rewards travel

Airlines can add the Miles airModules to their Mileage rewards pages or on dedicated airTRFX custom pages. This will maximize the exposure of their loyalty program and incentivize members to engage and redeem while also motivating new users to enroll. To drive more value out of the Miles airModule, airlines can integrate both dollar and miles fares into a single airModule to allows users to switch from viewing dollar value fares to rewards miles easily. 

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