airWire Product Overview

airWire provides customized APIs ready to connect across channels and vendors. Click to jump to each section:

airWire provides precise, structured data delivery tailored to each platform requirements and ensures fare consistency with airTRFX landing pages. Fares are continuously updated in real-time across all marketing channels for all routes in the booking engine. airWire is built for the precise use case required by each endpoint, making it faster and more efficient, with no hidden costs.

  • Fixed fees, no surprises
  • Unlimited routes
  • No additional calls to Res system
  • Unlimited consumption
  • Fares update in real-time
  • Minimal IT Resources needed
  • USDOT Compliant more>
  • GDPR Compliant more >
  • Enables data-driven decision making

airWire Instagram Ads

airWire Retargeting Ads

airWire Facebook Ads

airWire Email Marketing

Features tailored to any airline’s paid search strategy

airWire Paid Search key benefits

  1. Data Collection: Data is collected via FareNet. No additional integration needed from the airline or additional calls to GDS
  2. Data Integration: Direct connection with Google Ads via EM/Google API. No additional data process or cache
  3. Easy Setup: Self-service dashboard to quickly set up, edit or add new business rules
  4. Update Frequency: Fares are continuously updated in real-time, 24/7. New low fare available is sent to Business Data automatically
  5. Currency Values: All currencies available in airline booking engine, supporting currency codes or symbols
  6. Available Routes: All available searched routes in airline booking engine, including codeshares and interlines
  7. Price Logic: Flexible logic – supports one-way, roundtrip or custom trip types
  8. Lookahead window: Flexible logic – true lowest fare available in 30, 60, 90 or even 365 days in the future
  9. Travel Classes: Fares available for Economy and Business
  10. Fare Cap: Flexibility to set a fare cap to control messaging strategy
  11. Relevancy with landing pages: Fares will match airTRFX landing pages’ business logic

Google Ads Integration Example

Google Ads: Paid Search and Price Extensions

Facebook and Instagram Integration

Facebook Flights Ads enable airlines to sponsor advertisements that display the fare on the headline or in the description fields of the ad. In order to include the fare directly on top of the image, you would need to use an additional technology provider, such as Smartly or Products Up.

airWire Facebook ad with dynamic fare below the image

airWire Facebook ad with dynamic fare above the image

airWire Facebook Setup

Additional information can be found in Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center

Step 1: Set up your catalog for dynamic ads for travel (flights)

Step 2: Create/upload your data feed

EveryMundo provides an XML feed (FareWire), which is supported by Facebook Travel Ads.


Step 3: Upload your data feed to a catalog in Facebook Business Manager

A. The airWire endpoints do not have expiration and are updated in real time – as soon as searches are captured on the airlines’ IBE. However, Facebook Product Catalogs can only be updated daily, hourly or weekly.

B. airWire API URL goes here

Step 4: Create an ad template for dynamic ads for travel (flights)

Display Advertising

airWire can connect to any Ad Network or platform that supports dynamic content with real-time fares. Airlines can use route-based display strategies for prospecting and dynamic remarketing to target travelers with flights they are interested in. airTRFX ensures that the fare shown in the display ad matches the low fare available when they click through to the page.

Email Marketing

Customized airWire API that powers emails with real-time fares and flight information. Share dynamic real-time fares on every open email – ensuring the fares are the most up-to-date each time the user opens the email. By using the IP location of the user, Airlines can provide relevant content in the email communication, by displaying the lowest fare available departing from the user’s closest airport. Using airTRFX Redirect tool, it is possible to dynamically generate the URL that will correspond to the relevant landing page considering the O&D pair shown in the communication. Additionally, fares can also be pulled via Promotions Module in airTRFX Custom Pages – not only FareNet.

Send marketing emails for:

  • Weekly Promotions
  • Cart abandonment
  • Prospecting campaigns
  • Route promotions

airWire email with promotional fare included

airTRFX page with Promo airModule fares

EveryMundo Responsibilities

  • Develop and host airWire API
  • Real-time updates of fares on the API based on real searches
  • Deliver implementation guidelines and best practices documents
    • Delivery guide (implementation considerations)
    • Possible response errors
    • Suggested landing page strategy
  • QA API responses

We are with you every step of the way throughout the implementation process and beyond. Learn more about working with EveryMundo.

Airline / Agency / Display Partner Responsibilities

  • Connect airWire API to Display ads platform
  • Define frequency of price updates: Every hour, real time, etc.
  • Campaign, ads, and API QA
  • Set up and manage campaigns
    • Strategy
    • Ads with dynamic fares and regular non-fare ads (fallback)
    • Creatives and copy; define placement of the dynamic fare
    • Legal Terms and Conditions
    • Landing page URL (matching page suggested by EM)
  • Serve ads – dynamic and non-fare

Ongoing Support

24/7 Product support:

  • Report bugs or submit change requests
  • Request accesses to airTRFX Control
  • Suggest changes
  • airTRFX Control or Product Configuration related questions (How to…)

Customer Success Specialists:

  • Schedule calls with Customer Success team as needed to discuss product usage roadmap and track progress, ask questions related to strategic usage of product, and general discussions
  • Will respond to Basecamp messages within 48 hours
  • Other teams will be involved as needed