A case study in the the effect of BookSmart ResponseTM on Copa Airline’s Mobile Bookings



  • Copa Airlines was receiving a low amount of bookings on mobile devices
  • Copa did not have a fully mobile-responsive booking experience
  • Copa needed a mobile solution to be implemented rapidly
Copa Prior to BookSmart Response

Copa’s Mobile Experience Prior to BookSmart Response


  • Increase in overall mobile bookings
  • Increase in mobile bookings via organic search
  • Increase in mobile bookings via paid search
  • Increase in all mobile traffic channels
Copa's Responsive Flow with BookSmart Response

Copa Airline’s Fully-Responsive Booking Flow with BookSmart Response

Our Goals

  • Implement BookSmart ResponseTM, EveryMundo’s mobile-responsive booking engine solution
  • Increase mobile traffic through the following digital channels – direct, paid search, organic search
  • Increase mobile bookings through Copa’s website, copaair.com

What We Did

Copa Airlines already had a seamless digital experience – on desktop.  The mobile experience was another story.  The flight search process was mobile-responsive.  However, once mobile users were directed to the flight search results page the page showed the desktop configuration on the mobile device.

BookSmart ResponseTM Deployment

Copa Airlines recognized the need to make their booking experience fully mobile-responsive.  They knew they needed to do this to not only increase mobile traffic to their site, but to decrease the amount of mobile abandonment and increase the number of mobile bookings.

By deciding to implement BookSmart ResponseTM, Copa knew that they would have a fully mobile-responsive booking flow within 3 months, without any changes to their internet booking engine (“IBE”)


Their transition to a fully mobile-responsive booking flow had the direct effect of increasing Copa Airline’s mobile search rankings and therefore having positive impacts on all mobile traffic channels to Copaair.com.

Improved rankings, increased traffic, and a seamless mobile experience has given Copa Airlines a rapid month-over-month increase in mobile bookings.  They began to see positive trends in all mobile metrics beginning immediately after implementation.


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