In a previous post, we explored how airlines can leverage user search data to enhance customer experiences on their online channels. We deliver this data to our customers through the FareNet Dashboards.

Within our Business Intelligence Reporting Suite for Airlines, we register a search when any user views the Booking Engine Flight Results page for a chosen route (refer to the KPI Glossary).

However, the accuracy of search counts depends on how the FareNet pixel captures user search data from the Flight Results Page. Ideally, the FareNet pixel should capture this data each time a user conducts a flight search. However, in practice, the FareNet pixel may only collect data when an actual flight is available, the user proceeds to the next Passenger Details step, or in a specific market. This may lead to an underreporting of the Searches metric.

What we are doing to improve the Searches metric

We are implementing the following changes to all Flight Results FareNet pixels:

  1. We will register a search when the pixel is triggered, even when a Flight is not available. To achieve this, we will populate the “isSoldOut” field as either true or false.
  2. We will register a search when the pixel is positioned on the Flight Results Page, even if it is configured to collect fare information after the user has made a selection.

Additionally, we are in the process of developing an additional Searches FareNet pixel. Our customers can place this pixel on relevant pages that do not currently have the FareNet pixel. This additional pixel will assist us in determining if a search has taken place (see below).

What you can do to improve the Searches metric

To improve the Searches metric, airlines should take the following steps:

Place the Searches FareNet pixel on pages where users are redirected to if a Flight is not available. This includes:

    1. Error Pages
    2. Calendar Pages
    3. Home Pages

Add the Searches FareNet pixel to the Flight Results Page if the current FareNet pixel is set to only fire on the Passenger Details page.

Improving the Searches metric will provide more accurate information about what users are searching for. This will make the insights currently gathered from user behavior data even more powerful.


How to request a Searches FareNet pixel

If you have any questions about the Searches FareNet pixel or would like to request one, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.