EveryMundo and Volantio Join Forces to Fuel Direct Bookings. Integrated Fare Marketing Solution Fare Alert Allows Airlines to bring Personalized Travel Offers to Customers to Increase Conversion Rates and Reduce Purchase Friction

 example: Fare Alert on the Japan Airlines website for a round-trip LAX to TYO ticket

EveryMundo, the world-leading fare marketing platform acquired by PROS (NYSE: PRO) in 2021, and Volantio, an Atlanta-based tech start-up that frees airlines from the constraints of fixed capacity, are integrating their solutions to deliver relevant, personalized offers to travelers. EveryMundo’s airWire will integrate into Volantio’s SmartShopper platform, an airline technology that searches and alerts travelers of the most relevant travel offers based on their interest, reducing purchase friction. 

“EveryMundo is excited to partner with Volantio to help alert travelers of the best fares in real-time,” said Seth Cassel, co-president of EveryMundo. “Travel brands can leverage the interest of their loyal customers to target them with the lowest fares available, hence increasing conversion.”

Revolutionizing Airline Engagement: Fare Marketing Technology’s Impact

Airlines have been disrupted by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and meta searches, which are capturing demand and have impacted their direct link with customers. However, this fare marketing technology has shown to engage travelers at rates 2 to 5 times the industry standard, with up to 50% open rates and 10% click-through rates for travel marketing. The technology continuously searches for the most suitable travel options for guests, and via airWire airlines can now advertise fares in real-time directly to travelers based on their preferences, further empowering travelers to book direct.

For example, travelers in the planning stages can express their travel preferences on the airline website, including where to travel, when to travel, and budget. The travel preferences and intentions of the travelers are collected, then curated content is sent to travelers to reflect real-time fare and flight information. Travelers can then use the alerts to book the best offer on the airline’s website.

“Buying an airline ticket can be such a time-consuming process. From visiting multiple websites to checking and re-checking dates and travel times, often I spend hours trying to find the right ticket at the right price,” says Azim Barodawala, CEO and Co-Founder of Volantio. “Especially now with OTAs, metasearch sites, and Google Flights as intermediaries between airlines and guests, airlines have been losing a direct link to their customers, and customers can never be sure if they are getting the best fares.”

Airlines use airWire to advertise fares in real-time on paid search ads, social media, email, and now, SmartAlerts, which would otherwise require costly investments and technical efforts to implement themselves. With this feature, airlines can compete with OTAs and meta searches to drive traffic to their site and acquire customers.