Release Date: September 28th, 2019



Source Code > Hreflang tags

  • airTRFX will now automatically normalize the hreflang tags within the source code in alignment with SEO best practices, even if customer site edition structure does not follow best practices (i.e. “zh_CN” normalized to “zh-cn”)
  • Improved SEO performance for customers affected.


Added “Info” and “Last Edit” to Data Tables

  • Added “Last Edit By” and Last Edit Timestamp” to Data Tables throughout airTRFX Control.
  • This provides users visibility into who last edited the asset / page. This should help with troubleshooting issues and help Customer Support understand who is doing what within airTRFX Control.



Edit Container & Template Assets

  • This is a UX improvement which allows airTRFX Control Users to quickly edit Custom Assets, Pricing Widgets, Promo Widgets, and Campaigns from the Template Layouts definition sections of airTRFX Control.
  • This change has been applied to Campaign containers and Template Layouts and will be added to Custom Page layouts soon


Product Schema – Aggregated Offer


Custom Page Background Image

  • This new setting allows customers using FC Booking to turn on/off the background image behind the booking mask
  • Added flexibility for airTRFX Custom Pages
  • Note: background images are required to utilize this feature




Please contact EveryMundo for questions or assistance with any of these airTRFX updates.