EveryMundo Undisrupts the Hospitality Industry by launching technology to reverse the disruption and close the gap between hotel brands and Online Travel Agencies for customer acquisition

 EveryMundo, a PROS (NYSE: PRO) Company, a Miami-based technology company, provides digital offer marketing software to over 90 customers globally, including hotels, vacation package providers, airlines, event producers, and ground transportation, increasing their direct online sales and driving customer acquisition.

“Hotels have recognized for years the importance of driving online direct sales to reduce dependency on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for market share and own the relationship with the customer. This increases loyalty and lifetime value of their customers,” said Seth Cassel, Co-Founder, and President of EveryMundo. “Hotels must do more to own their customer relationships directly, which requires technology from partners such as EveryMundo to accelerate this effort.”

OTAs disrupted the hospitality industry decades ago when they came between hotel brands and their customers by aggregating information for hotel booking and commoditizing hotel brands. Hotels are recognizing the importance of driving online direct sales to reduce dependency on OTAs and own the relationship with the customer in order to foster loyalty and increase lifetime value. 

EveryMundo will enhance how hotel brands market their best available room rates to guests through scaled, agile landing pages and rate-finder applications. These tools improve the performance of paid search, organic search, social media ads, display/programmatic ads, and email marketing for hotel properties. These digital marketing products enable hotel brands to compete with OTAs like Expedia and Booking.com when travelers are looking for hotel accommodations. 

EveryMundo empowers hotels to “undisrupt” the industry: leverage powerful, agile technology to increase website traffic, improve booking conversion rate, enhance online user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the hotel’s website.