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Thai Airways: 60th Anniversary Promotion

Thai Airways 60th Anniversary promotion offered their rewards program members three times the miles for flights booked during the two day promotion for trips between December 2020 and March 2021. 

Thai used airTRFX Custom Pages to create relevant landing pages for the campaign with real-time fares. The campaign was promoted across their channels including email, push notifications, and social media.

The two day promotion earned TBH 6.7 Million (USD 207K) and drew a total of 22,500 sessions on the promotion’s landing pages. Read the full Thai Case Study >

Thai Airways integrated the airTRFX Custom Pages in their email marketing campaigns to drive customers to pages where they would be able to find real-time fares for flights included in the promotion.

Thai loyalty email

Thai Airways utilized airTRFX Custom Pages to create relevant landing pages for the promotion based on the user’s language and market currency.

Thai loyalty custom page

Thai Airways shared the airTRFX Custom Page in their social media, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as in push notifications sent to customers. 


Thai loyalty tweet


Thai loyalty facebook ad


Thai loyalty notification

United: Custom Pages for every month of the year

When travelers are searching for a flight for their next trip, one of the most common ways they find a fare is to use a search engine and query “Cheap flights in ____”. To ensure their fares were visible to travelers looking for flights by the month, United created airTRFX Custom Pages for every month of the year. United optimized the SEO of each page, including keyword rich content at the top of the page, and their best real-time fares for the month searched. 

To maintain and enhance page value, the same 12 month Custom Pages are automatically populated with months for 2021 dates after the month in 2020 ends. This way, the pages can be used indefinitely year after year and accumulate greater SEO value.

Find more details in our SEO For Airlines Guide >

EveryMundo Restart & Re-Acquire Best Practices:

Promote Reopened Routes

Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Spirit, American Airlines and Kenya Airways

Fare sales to reconnect with friends & family

American Airlines and Frontier

Promote leisure & outdoor travel

United, American Airlines, LATAM, and Air Canada

Communicate with Custom Assets & Pages

Cathay Pacific, LATAM, KLM, Air Canada, AeroMexico, Japan Airlines, Volaris, Fiji Airways, and Kenya Airways. 

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