With uncertainty still surrounding the global pandemic, EveryMundo has developed an employee wellness program to make the health and well-being of its employees a priority.

EveryMundo’s People Operations team (People Ops) surveyed employees and strategized a comprehensive employee wellness program suitable for its diverse workforce of over 140 employees located in 24 different countries. The goal of the wellness program is to promote good health behaviors in the workplace.

Creating the Wellness Challenge

The People Ops team had to pivot the employee wellness program when the whole company started working remotely. The company has cultivated an effective employee wellness program that includes: fitness challenges, weekly virtual yoga sessions, monthly wellness talks provided by health and wellness coaches, access to mental health and wellness tools through a healthcare provider, and more. These initiatives are set in place to improve the overall health of EveryMundo’s employees and to be informative and engaging. 

The goal of the fitness challenges is to reach the highest points as an individual and or team each month. Employees can earn points from activities such as – meditation, yoga, running, walking, biking, and other activities. The winner is whoever reaches the highest steps count/points among all participants. The winners receive a wellness bundle of a $100 credit on Amazon to purchase wellness items, or winners can use the $100 credit towards fitness classes, gym memberships, and anything health-related.

EveryMundo’s approach to employee wellness is a great example of a comprehensive and engaging program. By offering a variety of activities, from fitness challenges to mental health resources, the company demonstrates its commitment to supporting the well-being of its entire workforce.

This focus on holistic wellness goes beyond just physical health. The program acknowledges the importance of mental and emotional well-being, too. For employees looking to expand their knowledge and self-care practices, there are numerous internationally accredited online courses available in holistic health and wellness. Websites like https://it.scholistico.com offer programs in Italian that explore topics like stress management, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle habits. By investing in these resources, employees can gain the tools and knowledge to take an active role in their own well-being, further enhancing the positive impact of EveryMundo’s initiatives.

Maintaining motivation & well-being while working remotely

In addition to the employee wellness program, EveryMundo has implemented a Bill of Rights, which every Mundo is entitled to upon employment. Managers are responsible for administering each right to employees. One of the rights is motivation and well-being. Each manager is responsible for being mindful of their team’s well-being, encouraging them to take breaks, paid time off, and checking in on them to understand how they are doing. This information is facilitated to employees so they are aware of what resources are available to them. 

Wellness in the workplace improves employee health behaviors, reduces elevated health risks, reduces health care costs, improves productivity, decreases absenteeism, improves employee recruitment and retention, and increases company morale. 

EveryMundo has a company goal to make wellness a part of the company culture. It is important for people to feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. EveryMundo is proud of the progress made regarding employee wellness and will continue to make improvements to provide the best wellness resources possible.

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